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'Amish Mafia' commits ‘Deadly Sins’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “Deadly Sins.” The episode begins, where it left off last week, with a car tracking Levi and videotaping him.

Paul Castline states that an increase in drugs has been affecting the English and Amish communities.

Jolin drives through Paradise noting that Levi is very interested in his own personal problems, and he gets left picking up the slack. A farmer told him someone was messing with his phone shanty, so Jolin went to take care of the problem. When he spotted two boys entering, he shut off his microphone and went in to take care of business. Five minutes later, they ran out the door. As the producer asked if it was green corn, he told him it was much worse.

In Ohio, Merlin goes to see Andrew, whose wife came to Merlin to tell him that Andrew has been going to Hooters. Andrew feels that he is losing his family, and Merlin plans to help him.

The producer asks Caleb why Levi called him? He tells him that he was at the party last night and knows what happened. Caleb tells him that he has an envelope full of money for Levi and he is still going to get grief. Caleb knows someone told the police. When he goes to see Levi, he is visibly mad and tells Caleb that he is sending him to Indiana. Outside of Lancaster County and Holmes County, Indiana has the largest Amish community. They are very friendly there and Caleb heard they are known for their moonshine and field parties. Caleb would rather go there than an abandoned farmhouse. Besides, Levi has a friend who needs help and Caleb is just the right fit.

Big Steve was out on his buggy looking for a man who is late paying his Amish Aid. As he approached another buggy, it was the man, and Steve pulled him over and demanded Levi’s money.

As Caleb arrives in Indiana, he finds Flip. He is notorious among the Amish in the area, and he also likes to bend the rules. Flip has been running a small organization by himself for Levi, for a long time, and he loves to fight. Caleb was shocked that a small redheaded guy was Levi’s soldier in Indiana.

In Lancaster, Levi put John in charge of a construction site, and he feels that Esther came through for him to get him back in Levi’s good graces. As he approaches the site and orders the workers around, telling them he is the new foreman, he is told to get lunch.

As Levi drives, he reflects on the Leaders’ Meeting and how they still respect the Schmucker name. So he goes to see Esther and talk about them eventually getting married. She knows it would be pretty good for her, but she wonders what is in it for Levi, and if they can get permission from the Zeugnis; w Which is permission not only from the Church. If granted, the bishop will sign a written document stating that it is with his blessing that the couple gets married. Esther knows that by marrying Levi, it will put her one step closer to her family handling Amish Aid once again.

Jolin goes in search of the meth lab he knows is in the area; usually on the outskirts of the Amish area. They know the Amish usually do not go to the cops, but they are up against bigger enforcement in that area than the police. Jolin knows the kids were not lying to him, but he must be 100% sure as he handles the situation. As Jolin entered the trailer and spotted all the drug paraphernalia and nearly choked to death from the smell. When he came back out, he shot at a propane tank and blew up the trailer to kingdom come. He quoted an Amish proverb that states, by tending to a garden properly, one must pull out all the roots.

In Indiana, Caleb is with Flip, as they sneak through the woods to hunt down moonshiners, who sell to the competition, but refuse to sell to Flip. They saw the different kinds the man had, but decided to return later and not push their luck.

In Lancaster, Castline met with John in the middle of nowhere, John told him about one of Levi’s guys selling spoiled milk and running a chop shop. He was not interested in stuff like that, but John wanted to know how his case was going? He then gave the cop Levi’s weekly schedule and told him of a meeting he has every Thursday. John is not privy to the meeting, but is working his way back into Levi’s fold. John told the camera that he is only trying to stay out of jail, and if Levi found out he was the rat, he’d be in more trouble than going to jail.

In Ohio, Merlin is having a church service because a beloved preacher passed away. He wants Andrew to go with his wife, but she is reluctant. It is a special service, where several men are nominated to become the next preacher. Several bibles are placed in a stack, one by one, they choose a bible, and the one with a special paper inside, is the next preacher. With Merlin’s help, the producers were allowed limited access to the service. Andrew found the paper and became the next preacher. Andrew said he had no idea how Merlin rigged this so he became the next preacher, but it happened. Andrew knows that Merlin is dangerous and now that he is the preacher, he fears for his family. Merlin now feels that he has another ally in the church and will soon be back in charge of Amish Aid.

Wayne has been running his family’s lumber company for ten years. As he is in the woods chopping lumber, his girlfriend Karrie shows up, but he is still hurt that she accepted the peacock feather from Merlin. She told him she did not know what it meant and she offered to become Amish as he wished.

In Indiana, they are going to teach the man who will not sell them booze a lesson using cow farts, which are methane gas. As they are busy collecting the gas from the cows, Caleb states all they need now is fire.

In Ohio, Merlin is ready to unleash Ruck to take care of Wayne. First he took Wayne’s truck and knocked down his work shed, then took a cinder block to the gas pedal and lets it drive into a creek.

As Levi drives through a road in Lancaster, Castline starts following him as per his confidential tip. As he pulls Levi over, he asks him to step out of the vehicle and speak to him regarding a tip he received about what he is planning. Levi tells him he has no plans, but Castline tells him that he is under a microscope and better think twice.

If Esther is to become a good wife, she has to go to an expert and learn about bundling; a way for couples to get closer while keeping their honor intact. They must spend every night for two weeks tightly tied together in blankets and cannot touch each other. The only Amish bundling place is in Ohio run by a woman whom everyone knows, but nobody wants to cross; none other than Mary Troyer, Merlin’s ally. She is Swartzentruber Amish an Old Order who avoid traditional Amish dress and practice the most stringent of policies. Esther visited with her to find out about bundling, but Mary feels that some Lancaster Amish are worldly enough to be English.

Wayne is sponsoring Karrie as an Amish convert, as they see the bishop. This means he is putting his good name on the line for her, so he continues to keep Amish Aid.

In Indiana, Caleb and Flip are putting the cow farts to work as they remove the alcohol from the shed before blowing it up.

For Levi to get permission from the bishop to marry Esther, he must not drive up to his house in his car, so he gets in his buggy for this devout request. Levi even turned off his microphone for his meeting. Levi left the bishop’s house abruptly and would not tell the producers what transpired. When he gave Alvin back the buggy, he asked him how it went, and Levi told him that the bishop thinks he has him by the balls.

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