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'Amish Mafia' announces ‘He Has Risen’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Amish Mafia," was titled “He Has Risen.” As the episode begins, Esther recalls the events of last season where she told Levi that John was not taking it too well that Freeman was gone, and he suggested that John go away too. With Merlin arming himself with Kentucky Amish, the war of these two leaders is far from over. With more enemies than friends, both Levi and Merlin had better watch their backs.

As Levi assists the church and slowly works his way back in the good graces of the community, there are some holdouts who doubt his sincerity. With Caleb out of the way and no longer fooling around with the bishop’s daughter, word has it that Levi and his guys gave Caleb a severe beating. As Levi goes to get Caleb from a slaughterhouse, he asks him if he is ready to get back to work?

In Holmes County, Ohio, Wayne has become the leader in Merlin’s absence and the community trusts him. Wayne gets a call from a farmer who has a problem with English kids tearing up his field with their ATVs. Wayne will take care of the situation in his own way.

In Lancaster County, Paul Castline, a Lancaster County law enforcement officer is authorized to use whatever force necessary to protect the public from criminals. He has been on the job for four years and has come across his fair share of Amish criminals. Many misdemeanors committed by teenagers during Rumspringa, but he fears that there are bigger criminals hiding behind the good name of the Amish. He has been following Lebanon Levi for quite some time. As Jolin and Alvin meet with Levi, he tells them that he received word that the Kentucky Amish want to take them out because Merlin has been filling their heads with s**t. He wants them to prevent them from coming there, as the church leaders will be meeting soon, and he wants no trouble.

In Perry County, Pa., Merlin comes to visit with Alan. Since he has been in jail, Merlin has been focusing on his family’s aluminum siding business. He wants Alan to know he is not abandoned. Alan asked about the Kentucky Amish, but Merlin told them to keep a low profile until after the leaders meeting. This meeting only happens once every few years, and this affects everyone in the Amish community. Here they settle the money issues of Amish Aid, livestock problems, and any other aspects of the community. Alan tells Merlin that once the meeting is over, to have the Kentucky guys do their job.

When Jolin and Alvin arrive in Kentucky, they got word that the men were squatting in an abandoned barn outside of Hart County.

In Lancaster County, Caleb is hauling cinder blocks for Levi and cleaning a barn. Caleb knows he did wrong, but feels that he paid enough for his crime as Levi orders him to keep working.

As Esther and her mother light candles, Esther states that she cannot wait until she is settled in. With her brothers gone, she was alone in the old house, and she had issues with some English guys. In July 2013, she alerted the producers that she was being followed. John returned to Lancaster because he heard that she was not safe. After all she did to him, he was still worried about her safety. He related that he took things too far and something bad happened to him. On August 22, 2013 at 2:50 p.m., John got into a scuffle with a man who was getting in his sister’s face. He was defending his sister, when he went to court, the judge found him not guilty.

As Esther and her mother fix up the house, it is revealed that Levi put her in this house, but she believes it is less about her safety and more to keep track of her.

In Holmes County, Ohio, Merlin is meeting with a person who does not like Wayne. If he is to take back the county, he will need foot soldiers. He meets with Ruck Davey, who the rest of the cast has their own opinions about. Most agree he is crazy, Esther tells that Ruck in Dutch means dress, and Ruck wears a purple dress, or as Merlin calls it, a robe like the one Jesus wore. Esther states that Ruck seems to have two people living in his body. As fans see him remove his robe, he flogs himself. He was shunned for a long time, for beating a man with a bible because the man was chewing gum in church. Wayne hates Ruck Davey, and the feeling is mutual. Ruck told Merlin that he found a bible on his doorstep and cannot be shunned again. Merlin plans to speak to the bishop and clear Ruck’s name.

In Hart County, Jolin and Alvin are still driving around, and spot an Amish man. They ask him if he knows Paul and where they can find him, but he will not give any info to a stranger, and neither will the next few he meets. When they spot another man, Jolin chases him into the woods and returns 15 minutes later with Paul’s whereabouts.

In Lancaster County, Levi exits a business as Officer Castline knows that the more pressure applied to a criminal organization, the more likely they are to slip up. Levi and his crew are just about ready to make a mistake, then he will be there.

In Holmes County, Ohio, Wayne is about to remedy the situation with the ATVs. If you are English and you mess with the Amish, Wayne expresses that his face is the last face you want to see. When Wayne chains the two ATVs to his truck and drags them, until they are destroyed, he knows they will not be bothering the farmer again.

In Kentucky, Jolin and Alvin spot the guys they are looking for in an abandoned barn. As Jolin and Alvin are creeping up on the barn, they have a gun and a large can of gasoline. Before they did their dirty deed, they prayed. Alvin poured the accelerant around the barn and lit the match as the barn was in flames in an instant.

When John returned from his court case, he went to Esther’s old house, but somehow he found her new place. Now he wants to stay and tells her it is the least she can do for him. She tells him just for a night or two, but he plans to stay as the head of the family. Esther knows when Levi finds out, he will take matters into his own hands.

Levi sent Caleb to collect payments for him, but he is met with a lot of resistance.

Officer Castline feels that if the secret society among the Amish is so secretive, why are they allowing filming of their activities? At an expo, Levi was signing autographs and selling items to help victims of a flood in the area, but Esther related that unless you are Amish, Levi does not care about you. Officer Castline considers Levi a common thug, and they want nothing but to take down his organization. At the expo, defense attorney Steven Breit speaks with Levi. He said something to Levi about overhearing things about him and his crew, and he does not want any more calls at midnight.

In Ohio, Wayne and his crew are cutting down trees. He says that since he has been put in charge of Amish Aid, business is great. He tells his crew to finish up, and behind a tree, he washes, shaves and changes his clothes. When the producer asks him where he is going, he tells them to give him some space.

Merlin goes to see the bishop to speak about Ruck Davey. If he is to be of help to him, he must be unshunned. When he meets with the bishop, he finds resistance, but the bishop owes him money for aluminum siding. Merlin took a chance by threatening the bishop, but walked out of his home with a red rose, a symbol that his debt was forgiven and Ruck Davey is unshunned.

As the Kentucky Amish tried to block the escape route with carriages, Jolin decided to drive through against the wishes of the producer in the back seat.

Officer Castline states that Amish commit crimes and cited arson, rape, prostitution, assault and a man named Monroe Beachy, who defrauded many Amish businesses and people of their life savings. Abner King Stoltzfus was sentenced to a year in prison for selling cocaine and methamphetamines in Lancaster County. Darvin Ray Peachey committed arson by burning several barns worth over a million dollars. Edward D. Gingerich was convicted of murdering and dismembering his wife. Castline says that the list goes on and on.

When Caleb happened upon a farm stand, he asked the farmer why he was not paying Levi? The man gave him a wise answer, so Caleb hot wired his manure spreader and drove it past him and his farm stand spraying him and his produce.

Big Steve came to see Levi, and Levi told him that a woman came to see him about her daughter. It seems that the girl went to Iowa with an English guy for Rumspringa, but now he will not allow her to return home. Levi is sending Steve to bring her back. He is happy to oblige and told Levi he likes jobs like that.

The producers followed Wayne and saw him meet with a woman who was very happy to see him.

As Jolin and Alvin are driving, a police car chases after them. He was doing 65 in a 30-mile zone, and his right tail light was out. The officer told the producer to put the camera down, and they were ordered to step out of the car.

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