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Amish family chemo: Hershberger family files appeal

An Amish family who was ordered to give their daughter chemo has filed an appeal to remove the court appointed guardian. Fox News reports on Jan. 21 that the family has been hiding to avoid giving Sarah Hershberger chemotherapy for her leukemia, but a lawyer has filed the necessary paperwork to challenge the guardian.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Amish family is too scared to return to Ohio while the court appointed guardian is still in charge of their daughter’s medical decisions. Maria Schimer, who was selected by the judge to be the guardian, does not believe that she should be removed from her court appointed role. However, the lawyer for the Hershberger family argues that the order violates the family’s constitutional rights.

Despite their religious views being blamed for the decision to stop chemotherapy, the Amish family states religion was not the reason behind their decision. Instead, they believe the chemo treatments were making their daughter ill and could kill her. For several months, the Hershberger family has been hiding from the public and doctors to avoid chemo while giving Sarah natural treatments.

The grandfather of Sarah Hershberger claims her cancer has been cured through the help of herbs and natural remedies, and her parents no longer trust the conventional medical community. He describes her as healthy and energetic, so he believes there is no need for chemotherapy at this point.

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