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Amish family chemo fight: Chemo forced on daughter may impact other Ohio parents

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An Amish family chemo case can have implications for all Ohio parents today, suggests the lawyer for the family. An Amish family who fled Ohio to avoid a court order that their daughter undergo chemotherapy, now has a court-appointed guardian to make medical decisions for the child, according to Fox News on Jan. 21.

The chemo goes against the Amish family’s religion and they are fighting in court to get the appointment of the guardian overturned. The girl’s lawyer, Sarah Hershberger, is asking the state appeals court to overturn the guardian appointment as it violates the family’s constitutional rights. It also affects the rights for all of the parents in Ohio, the lawyer states in the court filing.

The guardian for the girl wants off the case, but said that the court “shouldn’t overturn” the decision of having someone make these medical decisions for the sick girl. The family was so against these chemo treatments that they up and left their Ohio farm three months ago to go into hiding with their daughter.