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Amir Khan wins poll to fight Mayweather

Amir Khan is likely to face Floyd Mayweather next.
Amir Khan is likely to face Floyd Mayweather next.
Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Recently, pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather made a poll on his website, allowing the fans to select his next opponent. On the list, there were only two choices, Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana.

At the beginning of the poll, Maidana has a huge lead on Khan, but as the fans in Europe and around world, where Khan is by far the bigger star, found out about the poll, Khan was able to close out the poll on top.

No one knows for sure if winning the poll actually guarantees Khan the fight with Mayweather, but it will look very wrong if Mayweather contradicts what he promised the fans, so more than likely we ca expect that for now Khan will be the next fighter to step in the ring with the "Money Man"

Maidana, a guy not very popular amongst casual fans, was named as a possible opponent after his recent win over Floyd Mayweather's protege, Adrian Broner. Khan on the other hand has always been on the list of possible Mayweather opponents, although recently with his loss against Danny Garcia and un impressive win over Julio Diaz, many don't think he deserves the biggest fight in boxing.

In the days to come, Mayweather will have to answer to his fans and make and announcement of who his next opponent really is. Khan is financially the best option, so regardless of wether or he deserves the fight or not, knowing Team Mayweather, he will more than likely get it.