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Amina Buddafly confirms pregnancy on 'Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part 2'

Amina confirms pregnancy, Peter Gunz is stunned.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

The second week of the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion special proved even more interesting than the first. On Feb. 10, Gossip On This reported on the shocking pregnancy confession by Amina Buddafly.

The actual pregnancy announcement wasn't really the shocker though. Everyone was expecting that. There have been rumors and hints of an Amina Buddafly pregnancy for weeks. The true stunner was when she came out and said she didn't plan to stay with Peter Gunz.

Amina was asked if she feared becoming like Tara Wallace in 13 years. Amina's response is that she already was there. She said Peter Gunz was already cheating and sneaking around on her. Essentially, he was pulling the same stunts with her that he was pulling on Tara and she wasn't a fool.

Tara Wallace was incredibly classy throughout the segment. She even said she felt for Amina. Tara knew exactly where she stood because she had been 23-years old with Peter Gunz too. She never broke down or resorted to fighting and name calling. If anything, she is the "Love & Hip Hop" personality that no one can hate because she was a true woman and it was clear she had moved on at this point.

Peter Gunz resorted to tears. He couldn't believe that Amina was pregnant and even admitted that had he known Tara was still in love with him, he never would have married Amina Buddafly. That was a shocker, considering the finale episode when he was meeting with Nick Cannon. At that time, when Cannon told him to make a choice and go with the woman who stood by him, he chose Amina Buddafly.

So now we all wonder what will happen. Are Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly together or not? In the recent Peter Gunz interview with Vlad TV, the couple were together but looked very uncomfortable. Peter spoke of trying to fix things with Amina.

The interview was taped after the reunion special and after Gunz revealed that he ultimately would have picked Tara over Amina. That had to hurt. What's done is done though and now the couple are not only married but also expecting a child.

What do you think of this dramatic love triangle? Will Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly stay together? And if so, how long will this marriage last?

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