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Amid Somali turmoil, pockets of hope remain



  • Caynab 5 years ago

    this map in not really true. you must talk to Somaliland gov.. when you need information about somaliland. Sool and Sanaag go under the somaliland control

  • A.J.O. 5 years ago

    Everything I've read says that Sool, Sanaag, and one other province are disputed by Puntland and Somaliland. Moreover, there are separatist movements in each of these regions advocating a move away from Somaliland. The map may be inaccurate, but then again, the political situation in Somalia isn't entirely stable or set-in-stone.

  • Furtherdetails 5 years ago

    There are several things I wanted to point out which have either been ignored or unadressed in this article.

    Somalia was formed in 1960 from two separate countries named British Somaliland and Italian Somalialand which received their independence from their British and Italian colonisers at different times. Before 1960 there was no 'Somalia' as a country.

    However several differences remained between the two countries. (British) Somaliland was largely homogenous; its people spoke the same language, ethnicity, religion and culture. In the south the language was enormously different (in significant parts Maay and Swahili were spoken as well as Somali). The traditions and cultures of the north and south also differed. The ecnomic activites differed, the north was always a nomadic pastoralist people whilst the south was an agricultural area. The geography was different; the north was desert and the south fertile and blessed with rivers and swamps.

  • Furtherdetails 5 years ago


    Somaliland received its independence in 1960 from britains; at that time there was no Somalia and Somaliland was recognised by 35 countries as an independent state of Africa. When the union of modern day Somaliland and Somalia was proposed by its politicians it was set to a referendum. In the referendum the northern people of Somaliland unanimously rejected the union; this, however, was undone by the higher population of Somalia who voted for the union. This union was always doomed and lasted no longer than 30 years.

    During the Siyad Barre regime the Somalia government turned against the people of the north; bombing the cities, massacring hundreds of thousands and maiming countless more, poisoning the wells and hence their livelihoods as well as the people, laying mines (agricultural land as well as the cities)- this was effectively the attempted genocide of the Isaaq people (the majority of the north.Somalilanders fought the government forces and reclaimed independden

  • Furtherdetails 5 years ago

    So my main point is that;

    -Somaliland is not just another region of Somalia or a secessionist region within Somalia.

    -Somaliland was an independent country before joining Somalia, recognised by 35 countries.

    -Somaliland cannot be compared to regions of Somalia such as puntland.

    -For the twenty years that Somaliland has been independent, developing and peaceful, Somalia has been raging with war, anarchy and chaos. Somaliland has been a safe haven to the 100,000 refugees from Somalia.

    -Somaliland covers and includes all of the protectorate of British Somaliland, including Sool and Sanaag over which it has full control. The small terroist groups are funded and organised by puntland and puntland diaspora who do not represent the local population but rather their own interest.

    -Puntland will never declare independence but rather seeks a reunion of Somaliland and SOmalia becuase of its clan interets. It wants to join all 'Darood' clan in Puntland, SOmalia, Somaliland, ken

  • Furtherdetails 5 years ago

    And the Ironic part is that Somaliland has been peaceful and independent for 20 years - SOmaliland has made explicitly clear it is and has been independent and that it will not enter another union under any circumstances. When Somlia (finally) achieved peace, another conflict could occure between these countries. Casting Somalia (and Somaliland) back into the chaos, death, destruction and anarchy it is trying to escape.

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