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'American Horror Story' releases three new teasers for 'Freak Show'

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" took a break from releasing video teasers over the long holiday weekend, but returned Thursday with a vengeance with three new videos, featuring a sword swallower and two very bad clowns. Last season focused on more camp than horror, but if this season's latest teasers are an indicator of the tone of the season, this could be a very scary carnival, indeed.

A screen shot of the new "American Horror Story" teaser "Open Wide."
YouTube/ FX

The sword swallower clip is pretty straightforward. A circus performer in the spotlight of a dimly lit stage swallows a sword, then pulls it back out. He's covered in tattoos, but seems fairly harmless.

Now, the clowns are another story, with both videos being pretty scary, even if you aren't already afraid of clowns. The first, "Open Wide," features a close up of a clown who opens his mouth as if to swallow us whole. The camera zooms in to his mouth, full of very pointy teeth. This is certainly the stuff of nightmares that even Stephen King would envy.

The third clip, "Twisted Smile," shows a shadowed clown dancing to some music about going to the "Dark Carnival," and then he pops out of the shadows and we glimpse his huge, Joker-esque grin through a hole in the tent canvas. The blackened lips and exaggerated smile are disturbing, in a good way, if you love to be scared.

Check out "Twisted Smile" here, and see the other two here. Warning: You may need to sleep with the lights on.

Let's hope "American Horror Story" goes for full on horror this season and dials back the camp. "American Horror Story: Freak Show" premieres Wednesday, October 8 on FX at 10 p.m. ET.

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