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Americas super cities

Super Cities
Super Cities

Cities all over the United States are booming, but some more than others. So if you're looking to make a big move, or to just be better informed as to what to look out for in 2014, this is the infographic for you.
Austin, Texas, for example is the number one city for job growth, according to Forbes. With a projected annual job growth of 4.0%, the median household income is already almost $60,000.

San Francisco isn't just for tourists anymore as it's now the second hottest startup hub in America. Home to Twitter, Dropbox and everyone's favorite, Pinterest. The unemployment rate in metro San Francisco is 8.7%, the lowest in the entire state of California.

Seattle, Washington is among the top five most energy efficient cities and in the top ten for the best placed for business and careers in the United States. It is the healthiest metro area, in regards to overall fitness of residents and accessibility to healthcare.

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