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Americas Blues

american blues
american blues
american blues

The video is a little long but worth it. Clearly these guys know what they are going after and are doing a good job. They have it 24% funded at the time of writing this article which is a clear indication of support and interest in this project. America's Blues is attempting to take a different angle on the history of blues. The Blues has influenced nearly every form of American Music and sadly, aside from its part in the birth of Rock and Roll, it's influence often goes unrecognized. Beyond its musical impact, it has reached into so many other art forms, such as paintings, sculpture and even television and film. It has even become the culture of entire cities and helped to put them on the map.

Through interviews with musicians, historians, artist, professionals and activists, a compelling story of the music’s significant historical contribution unfolds. They examine the musical impact it has had on all forms of Popular American Music, as well as the influence it has had on art, fashion, language, film and racial equality. They have been working on this film for over 2 yeas and been traveling to complete it.

Your contribution to this campaign pays for:

-A NYC Trip to interview the Music Supervisor on the movie, the Blues Brothers (1980); several 2013 Grammy Nominees, and a Grammy Award and Tony Award Winning Artist.

-An LA trip to interview several other Celebrities (the names will be confidential until we can guarantee that we can pay for the trip)

-A Graphic Artist to finish our Movie Poster & DVD Cover

-Online target marketing and an aggressive PR strategy

-Some of the costs necessary to use copyrighted archival footage in our film (which is unavoidable considering the topic)

-Legal counsel**

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