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Americans rejecting CNN in record numbers

CNN's ratings continue endlessly spiraling to embarrassing new lows as "the most trusted name in news" further reveals its rampant corruption, dishonesty and bias to the American people.

Piers Morgan, speaks during a taping of CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight at the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
Photo by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

From Breitbart:

This week, MSNBC came close to humiliating CNN. During the week of May 5, MSNBC averaged 322,000 total day viewers. CNN could only drum up 296,000. MSNBC averaged 502,000 primetime viewers. CNN cratered with only 347,000. In all of cable, MSNBC placed 30th in primetime and 31st in total day. CNN thudded at 41st and 36th, respectively.

As usual, Fox News humiliated both networks beating them combined in both total day and primetime viewership, 906,000 and 1.363 million, respectively. In all of cable, Fox News ranked seventh.

Mediaite adds that only elitist, tyrant-worshiping snobs like Piers Morgan and narcolepsy-inducing automatons like Larry King have managed to drive CNN's primetime ratings lower.

Of course, it doesn't help that CNN was recently caught letting far left Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel write and edit its fake documentary on him to make him "look good." Or that they fabricated bogus evidence out of thin air to race-bait the country into hysterics over the Trayvon Martin shooting. Or that they blame everyone but Democrats for his illegal, economy-killing health care takeover manufacturing non-stop crises and ruining lives at every turn.

And never mind the fact that CNN openly excuses the left's record of pathological lying on health care and falls over itself to promote its disastrous policies, rather than practicing actual journalism for once and questioning them in any way. Or the fact that they psychotically lash out and eviscerate anyone who wants government to live within its means or follow the Constitution as an idiot, a fringe lunatic, a racist (the left's favorite red herring), or even a terrorist.

The bottom line: CNN is run by vicious, blatantly one-sided fanatics who silence and smear dissent while propping up Democrat causes and candidates with non-stop partisan propaganda. They relentlessly bury scandals, misrepresent the facts, and misinform the public on every single issue. They have absolutely annihilated their credibility at this point, and the American people are rightly discarding them to the trash heap of unmasked DNC cheerleaders.

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