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Americans plead for mercy for dog that attacked a child

flowers laid in honor of victims of a car accident
flowers laid in honor of victims of a car accident
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According to a March 16 article in AP News; a dog that mauled a 4 year old was receiving cries for mercy from some familiar with the case. A judge is scheduled rule on the case on March 25. The article goes on to say that the little boy that was attacked by the dog may be facing years of future surgeries.

The lawyer for the dog stated that killing the dog would not alter the course of surgery or pain for the boy. Therefore, he viewed euthanized as the unnecessary killing of an innocent dog.

What does the Holy Bible say about this case or similar cases?

Some will point to the words of Jesus while on the cross. Jesus asked for forgiveness because the people had no idea of what they were doing, and who they were doing it to.

Others believe that the dog will ultimately have to reap what it has sown. Those who support the doctrine of reaping and sowing call the possibility of the dog (based on finances) securing a different fate (as other dogs that have attacked someone or something) “unfair.”

The Lexus Project; a not for profit organization that raises money for dogs in danger of being euthanized; has collected almost $6,000 dollars for the dog.

Should the dog be given mercy?

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Source: AP News


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