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Americans looking to wrong solutions for problems with Obamacare

 Mercedes Betaneo (L), a pharmacy tech for a FL Walgreens, sells medicine to Christine Matthews, who is happy to have Obamacare. But she should be asking why she couldn't "renew" a policy she had due to a "pre-exiating" condition.
Mercedes Betaneo (L), a pharmacy tech for a FL Walgreens, sells medicine to Christine Matthews, who is happy to have Obamacare. But she should be asking why she couldn't "renew" a policy she had due to a "pre-exiating" condition.
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COMMENTARY – There is a new petition on Change.Org. A woman from Staples says that the company is cutting employee hours to part time wages in order do an end around on Obamacare. A “loophole” as she calls it, allows employers to not pay for healthcare benefits for part time employees.

“My name is "Sue," and I work at Staples. I can't tell you my full name because I'm afraid I'll lose my job for what I'm about to tell you: Staples recently decided to cut part-time employees' hours just so they won't have to provide health care benefits under Obamacare.

“Staples is taking advantage of a loophole in the health care law that says employers don't have to provide coverage for employees who work less than 30 hours a week. Staples also told managers to hire more part time workers if they need people to cover the schedule.

“Cutting employees' hours just to avoid paying for health care is not right. I can't afford to make less money than I do now without taking on another job.”

Okay, here is what “Sue” and many others don't understand. Yes, it is wrong to cut hours so as not to give health benefits to employees. But it is not the employers who are completely at fault here. If they don't do this, the overbearing and expensive requirements of Obamacare would run them out of business. Then not only would their employees find themselves without healthcare benefits . . . they would find themselves out of jobs.

I am not going to go deep into the whole rabbit hole of a single payer healthcare thing here. A real system would be just fine. But as with many other things that would be “just fine”, you add people, greed, laziness and many other factors it is no longer “just fine”. Its a disaster.

And Obamacare is neither “just fine” nor is it a real solution to the healthcare issues in this country.

But the fact of the matter is that it is here and we all have to deal with it.

If “Sue” and others want to do something about the effects they are feeling then they need to get on board with the few people looking to fix it.

  • Get rid of the legislators who keep abusing their power and position just to keep their power and position. Stop voting these fools and frauds back into office.
  • Scrap in whole or in part this disaster of legislation. There are some parts good, many parts bad, and a whole lot of unaddressed problems (TORT reform, ER overcrowding, those making less than poverty wages, etc).
  • Actually get involved in your government. Don't just sit idly by while they keep taking and taking. The are listening to the voices telling them what to do. But those voices are special interest groups, corporations and power brokers unconcerned with the daily lives of Americans. They are not the voices of Americans. But they can't even hear the voices of Americans because by and large they are silent. So, read up! Speak up! Get involved! Otherwise you only have yourself to blame when stupid stuff happens.
  • Read up on issues and where a candidate stands on them before going into the voting booth. Don't let it be a popularity or beauty contest. Don't just take your cousin Bob's word for it. Don't just listen to the talking heads on radio and television. Don't just do whatever an activist group tells you to do. Don't take anyone's word on it . . . not even mine. Because the bottom line is, you need to be responsible for your own vote. And this is the government of, for and by the people only if the people make it so.

If more of the 300 plus million people in America started telling the less than 600 people in DC how to do their jobs, they might really start to listen. And the next time a politician tells you they are doing something for your own good and that they just need to “explain it to you better”, look for the oil salesman license in their pocket, because they are just trying to sell you a bill of goods that benefits only them.

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