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Americans keep loving Mexico for vacations

Aqueduct in Queretaro City at central Mexico
Aqueduct in Queretaro City at central Mexico
Copyrighted image courtesy of the Mexico's Secretary of Tourism

If you thought that Americans prefer the Caribbean islands for vacations, you’re wrong! Mexico was the favorite travel destination for the American people during 2013, according to the latest data released by official sources from both countries.

More than 15 million Americans traveled from January to September to different Mexican destinations, but only some 5 million visited the Caribbean. It's also 40% more than the number of trips done in Canada or Europe in the same period of time.

This means that the 32.1% of the total United States citizens' trips from January to September 2013 landed in Mexico. The data represent 1.4% more American visitors to Mexican destinations than in 2012.

Claudia Wolfe, an official at the US International Trade Administration, mentioned upon email request, that up to date, there are no data for 2013 or 2012 about the number or percentage of leisure trips compared to business trips to Mexico.

However, according to the 2011 Survey of International Air Travelers, approximately 3,948,000 American travelers who arrived to Mexico by air said that the purpose of their trip was leisure, recreation or holidays, Wolfe stated.

Americans are increasingly willing to visit Mexico to enjoy the wide range of habitats, architectural landscapes, cultural landmarks, sport activities, as well as fun spots. So it is important to mention that the areas for tourists –and most of the cities and towns- are out of danger, although Mexico’s safety is often questioned in the media.

In recent years, the US Government has launched some travel warnings on specific regions in the country. Most of these places are not tourism destinations, so by taking advice and following basic safety rules; visitors in Mexico ensure a great vacation time.

The US Commerce Department forecasts that American citizens’ trips to Mexico will keep on the rise through 2018.

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