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Americans have more jobs when Republicans lead the nation.

I love when Leftist posture as smarter about economics. America hasn't prospered under Democrat leadership since 1962.

Always better with GOP leadership

As I watch the Old Media contort over the common sense illustrated in the annual CPAC convention, I’m reminded again how the left postures to be intellectually superior. From braggadocio about speaking French, to insulting the simplicity of supply side economics (Rich people hire poor and middle class people) they fail to understand that restricting the rich from spending money via unfair taxes prevents them from hiring poor and middle class employees- thus harming the cash flow of the economy.

Ultimately, the Left can explain why their policies don’t perform- or what the other guy is doing wrong, but reality is a much better place when Republicans are in the leadership role for our nation- at least since 1976. Consider the following Administrations:

> Carter Administration: Crippling inflation and massive energy cost spikes. Unemployment that never dropped below 6% , The term "Stagflation" was born. In response Carter explanation was to blame the American people in his "Malaise Speech".

> Reagans policies caused inflation to shrink from Carters 13% down to 4% Reagan saw employment rise by 3 million jobs his first year, 4.1million jobs his second year, and another 2.6 million his third year alone. Ultimately employment rose by 17% Reagans successes were so successful, his reelection campaign was able to accurately tout the “Morning in America” commercial.

Interestingly, the Democrats back then were saying "those are all entry level jobs" (which wasn't true), but today those same Democrats are saying "Part time work frees up your life". The hypocrisy is stark.

> George W. Bush had real unemployment that remained low (hovering around 5%) until he made a deal to raise taxes with the Democrats- causing the unemployment spike up to 7%.

> Clinton's first two years were a catastrophe, his policies caused real unemployment to rise to 8% until the nation turned against his policies, elected a Republican House and Senate causing the unemployment rates to drop nearly 1% in less than a year under their leadership. If Clinton gets any credit for this at all, it’s that he screamed and complained while the Republicans dragged him down the path to lower unemployment.

> George W. Bush took the 4.7% unemployment the Capitol Hill Republicans gave him, worked through 9/11 which created a massive hit on the economy, and kept it below 5% until the Democrats re-took Capitol Hill by promising to be the new fiscal hawks. This is the first time in this writers half century of living that elections were won by promising to cut the nations debt.

> Democrats took control of Washington in 2007 causing unemployment to spiral out of control unto this day. 2007 saw spikes up to 5% after their first session in control of the economy. 2008 saw spikes up to 7.4% and nearly 8% when 43 left office.

With all the lies and dishonesty coming from the Obama White House; who knows what the real unemployment rate is? Experts using their skills to get past the propaganda estimate it to be in the 20%+ range. Imagine that 23% unemployment.

Democrats have many explanations and excuses. From “Arab Spring” to blaming Germany for Americas bad economy, to blaming Americans,(ie: "you're too stupid to know how right he is"), to posturing their failures as somehow more family friendly.

Reality-check shows Americans have more and better jobs under Republican leadership than Democrat leadership- in spite of their pseudo-intellectual posturing. Somehow speaking French just doesn’t get people back to work.

History tells us electing Republicans to give super majorities in both Houses will allow Obama to spend as much time on the golf course as he does now- while the rest of Americans can finally get back to work.