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Americans have more in common with libertarians than government

One of the great things about mousing randomly around in the libertariansphere is the serendipitous relational discoveries that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The ever so innocent-looking trappings of violence: Flags, uniforms, badges, guns, suits and the commander of global military might. This is the true Lunatic Fringe and they have always been in power since the creation of the very first nation-state.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Take, for example, a Dennis Trainor Jr. article/video in which he disses capital L Libertarians for not being capital O Objectivists even as he admits that they have more in common than not.

His reasoning is that while both are accused by mainstreamers of being the lunatic fringe the fact is that "those in all three branches of government represent a ruling class whose worldview and means of pursuing it are in fact the minority view, the radical, fringe view."

Referring to "the global corporate elite" Trainor says, "The radical violent revolutionaries are already in power."

And isn't that true Mr. and Ms. Left/Right Statist America? You are always supporting, voting for and championing this lunatic fringe while never understanding that you actually have far more in common with libertarians than you do with the ruling class.

Meanwhile, over at The Insomniac Libertarian the irrepressible Robert Higgs summed up much the same insight this way: "The state is the most highly organized and destructive form of injustice ever devised. Yet every statist believes the exact opposite."

And once again isn't that true Mr. and Ms. Left/Right Statist America? No matter how violent, ruthless and corrupt your lunatic fringe corporatist government becomes you still believe that you have more in common with it than with non-violent, live-and-let-live libertarians.

In yet another, historical, view Leonard M. Scruggs explains at in detail why the Cherokee Nation allied itself with the Confederacy during the mislabeled "Civil War."

The Cherokee were educated, literate, and Christian. They held learning and wisdom in high esteem and revered the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They initially intended to remain loyal to the North until, as Scruggs explains:

"The Northern conduct of the war against their neighbors, strong repression of Northern political dissent, and the roughshod trampling of the US Constitution under the new regime and political powers in Washington soon changed their thinking."

The Cherokee, after all, had no desire to invade the North; "they sought only to repel the invaders from their own soil."

Scruggs further writes, "Most Americans have been propagandized rather than educated in the causes of the war, all this to justify the perpetrators and victors."

The conclusion, Mr. and Ms. Statist America, is that you need to reeducate yourselves and learn that you have more in common with libertarians than you do with the power-seeking, wealth-grabbing, narcissistic lunatic fringe ruling class who actually control your lives.

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