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Americans have become part of a failed political science encounter group

America has become abject chaos
America has become abject chaos
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It’s time for Americans to wake up and stop acting like cattle going to slaughter. The border crisis should be the last straw for President Barack Obama’s failed policies and his personal crusade to destroy the very fabric that made this country great. It’s time to get mad and take this country and its inbred goodness back from those who hate America and wish to mold it into an encounter group of zoned-out political science flunkies.

Case in point: Barack Obama wants Congress to provide $3.7 billion of taxpayer money to essentially fix what he has personally broken. It is not necessary, and quite frankly, could not possibly be used primarily for what he contends it will be used for. That would be the treatment and care of untold thousands of illegal aliens, mostly “children,” whatever the definition of that is in the dysfunctional White House we now live with.

If Congress were to approve this enormous amount of money, you could divide it by 52,000 “children” and come out with $71,000 per “child.” Has anyone in government stopped to think of that? ‘Anyone’ means Republicans or Democrats. Are there any thinking human beings in Congress Americans have elected that have the guts to speak out on this outrage?

One outraged public official, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN) says, "I've gone online and have taken a look on Orbitz and taken a look at what does it cost to fly people to El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras. You have fares as low as $207. There's nonstop flights at $450."

He continues, "You take those numbers and it costs somewhere between $11 million and $30 million to return people in a very humane fashion. We can put them up in a hotel room and make sure they get a shower and feed them."

Is this partisan gobbly gook? No. This is plain old American common sense. Is anyone in Washington standing up to this ratings poor president with zero management experience and saying, “enough?” Or are they all waiting for the November elections to see which way the political winds blow?

Wasn’t Syria, Benghazi, Vladimir Putin, Solyndra, the IRS scandal, “Fast and Furious,” Obamacare and a host of other major blunders enough to realize we made a mistake trusting this man with the keys to the country? This is flat out national chaos camped inside our borders like we are the Red Cross of the world. Dysfunctional government does not go near the words that should be used. Where is the outrage of the mainstream media or are they so in bed with this incompetent leader they will never tell the truth?

As Sen Johnson so rightly put it, "When we talk about a Dream Act, that creates an incentive. When President Obama institutes his Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals and basically telling kids, 'Hey, when you get here we're not going to deport you,' that creates an incentive."

Is this rocket science for our overpaid lawmakers who are silent while this aberration of American justice unfolds on our border? Is this man who has consistently failed to deliver one solid item he promised the American people in 2008 still what we listen blindly to?

Read the president’s “plan” to clean up the mess he instituted. It starts with 1.1 billion more for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, including $879 million to pay for detention and removal of undocumented adults traveling with children. Now add on:

• $116 million to ICE for transportation costs linked to apprehending unaccompanied children;
• $433 million for Homeland Security's Border Patrol unit to cover increased costs associated with apprehending unaccompanied children;
• $39.4 million to bolster air surveillance capabilities to detect illegal activity;
• $64 million more for the Department of Justice, including $45.4 million to hire about 40 more immigration judge teams and to expand courtroom capacity;
• $15 million to fund legal representation services for children in immigration proceedings;
• $1.8 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services to provide additional funding for appropriate care, including medical attention, for unaccompanied children at Border Patrol facilities;
• $300 million for the Department of State, $295 million of which would go to repatriate migrants to their home countries and reintegrate them there;
• $5 million would fund media campaigns in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to spread the word that unaccompanied children crossing into the United States will be returned to their home countries.

What does the main opposition to this president have to say? House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday criticized the president's plan to cope with the immigration crisis, saying it doesn't do enough to secure the border.

That’s it? That’s all this man has to say? No massive outrage, no demand for the reasons this is happening, no abject signs of national disgust? No demand for real action by the leader of the free world? No indignation that the leader of the United States of America is shown playing pool in Denver, CO sipping a beer when a national tragedy is playing out in front of the entire world? Any calls to the foreign governments in Latin America turning a blind eye to this? Any threats of foreign aid shutdown to Mexico for allowing these people to even approach their borders on the south?

What will it take for this country and its citizens to see that they are part of an elaborate political science class that is using them as specimens in an experiment that has failed before their very eyes since January 20, 2009?

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