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Americans for Prosperity plans telephone blitz this weekend

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nationwide economic policy educational organization, is planning their nationwide Day of Action tomorrow, May 3, 2014. The organization will provide snacks and refreshments for volunteers willing to use AFP phones and office space to make calls to Americans as they did in April. The event in April reached over 50,000 Americans to educate them about the benefits of economic freedom. In Palm Beach County, volunteers will meet in Palm Beach Gardens.

Those who volunteer to make the calls will be well organized by AFP seeking to expand their grassroots effort to engage Americans to promote limited government and free markets. Volunteers will be given a script and an easy-to-use computerized dialing system to quickly make the telephone calls.

In Florida, the advocacy group promotes its Five for Florida plan and seeks to:

  • Reform Taxes & End Corporate Welfare
  • Don't Make Financial Promises Taxpayers Can't Keep
  • Be Stewards of Good, Transparent Government
  • Empower Kids With the Best Education
  • Free Entrepreneurs to Pursue the American Dream

On Wednesday, AFP President Tim Phillips announced AFP is now part of a broad and growing coalition of organizations seeking to end the Export-Import bank. Phillips said, “Any politician that identifies as fiscally responsible should support our efforts to end the Export-Import bank. It is little more than corporate welfare for a select few, propped up on the backs of American taxpayers. This bank has a negative impact on the economy and is in danger of a taxpayer-funded bailout. It’s time to break the bank and stop distorting the marketplace.”

AFP has over 90,000 financial supporters who also help organize events, write letters to the editor and regularly petition elected officials on economic policy. The organization is seeking more volunteers for tomorrow's event and they can do so by clicking here. Specifically, AFP works to promote the reduction of taxes and government spending on all levels of government while exposing fraud and waste by government.

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