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American woman held hostage in Syria

The Obama Administration has been warned against airstrikes in Syria by the Syrian government
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

New reports on Tuesday reveals that a young U.S. woman has been captured and is being held hostage in Syria by the Islamic group ISIS. The woman isn't being named, but it's reported that she was in Syria while doing humanitarian work. She is reported as being a 26-year-old woman. She was also captured last year, but it's only now making it to media headlines in a time when people are still reeling at the brutal death of an American journalist. James Foley was beheaded this month, but was captured two years ago by the extremists.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported today that Syria has warned the U.S. against a potential expansion onto Syrian territory. The war against Islamic terrorists may take the U.S. right on Syrian ground -- as their militants enjoy victory after victory while capturing innocent civilians. Airstrikes in Syria have not been ruled out by U.S. officials, which has already been declared. However, nobody is bringing up this missing woman, or many of the other Americans that are likely being held hostage by the same militant group.

Hopefully new reports will come out naming the woman that has been kidnapped, but there only appears to be one or two sources even covering her case in the first place. Meanwhile the Syrian militants are probably subjecting her to horrible treatment. Will she be killed in the same manner as James Foley and others before the U.S. steps in and stops it?

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