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American TV Series – A Must Watch

American television
American television
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One of the most entertaining and wackiest American television series is How I Met Your Mother. This television series has gained immense popularity over the years. It has come up with several seasons which are all available to watch. Once people start watching it, they get addicted to the characters.

The Story
Story unfolds when Ted Mosby, an architect tells the story to his children about how he met their mother. The story starts when twenty-seven year old Ted desperately wants to find a soul mate and get married. He is inspired by Marshall and Lily, who have been dating each other for nine years and then eventually get married. Ted is helped by his friend Barney Stinson who is a womaniser much to Ted’s dismay and takes away the girls Ted is interested in. There are lots of romantic escapades of Ted which he tells to his children and how in the end he meets their mother. There is story of Marshall and Lily as well. Marshall is a lawyer and he is a sucker for saving the environment whereas Lily is a kindergarten school teacher who has a hidden dream of becoming a painter. There is another story of Robin whom everyone meets at their favourite bar. Robin is bold, beautiful and fierce news reporter with whom Ted initially falls for. And there is story of Barney as well which he slowly unfolds as the story progresses. What he does for a living is a mystery for everyone watching the show and as well as his friends.

Why to watch How I Met Your Mother?
There craziness of all the characters pulls people closer to them and they can find their romantic life as synonym to the characters. They are all bound by a strong bond of friendship and love and stand by each other in tough times. One should watch How I Met Your Mother online for a complete entertainer it is and the joy ride it takes you to.

Why it is so popular?
How I Met Your Mother is an immensely popular television series which people follow religiously. They don’t miss a single episode because of the excitement built by the makers. Each episode the characters go through some or the other adventure in order to entertain their audience. The popularity is such that the makers keep making seasons after seasons of this extremely hilarious romantic comedy series.

This sitcom is sharp and sentimental both at a time. These five young and devil may care friends live their lives to the fullest, laugh together, cry together and love New York as their home. They fight, they argue but in the end they stay together in all the ups and downs of the life. Watch How I Met Your Mother online as it may tickle away your funny bones with the small and sweet moments of their life and their escapades. The mother is revealed in the final season and that marks the end of the extremely hilarious television series.