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American Tribal Style® comes to Cleveland

Farah Page
Farah Page
Courtesy of Coco's Photos

Northeast Ohio Middle Eastern dance performer and instructor, Farah Page is bringing authentic American Tribal Style® instruction to the area.

“There are 3 dancers in the entire state of Ohio right now that are certified to teach American Tribal Style®. I am the only person in Cleveland that is certified,” Farah says.

“This past April I took a week long dance intensive with the mother of Tribal style belly dance, Carolena Nericcio,” Farah adds. The intensive was broken down in 3 parts. General Skills, Teacher Training, and The Buisness of ATS®. In each course we broke down each movement to their bare bones and worked hard to build the overall idea of what American Tribal Style® was. The workshop was truly a unique experience because of Carolena's presence. Who better to learn this dance style from than the woman who created it herself? The days were long and strenuous. There were late study nights, sore muscles and usually pouring ourselves into bed much too late. Testing for teacher training was very intimidating but in the end it was all worth it. I only recently found out that I was accepted as a Sister Studio for FatChanceBellyDance®. What a tremendous honor, I still keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!”

Farah will be teaching a Level 1 American Tribal Style® series starting on July 21st in Middleburg Hts Rec Center. She will also be starting some classes South of Cleveland, both in ATS® and her 'Bohemian' style of Tribal Fusion.

“I recommend this course to any and everyone who has ever had curiosity about American Tribal Style®. In the 5-week course we will start at the very beginning learning the basic movements, formations, zill patterns, and work on our muscle memory so we can work toward the magic of group improvisation! This really is a great opportunity to dip your toe in the Tribal pool or to just try something fun and new!”

“Students can expect to work hard, take a giant leap out of their own comfort zone and learn to trust their fellow 'tribe'. In American Tribal Style® there is no soloist. It is about dancing with your tribe and celebrating the joy of music and community. There is something about this dance form that just celebrates the beautiful and unusual.”

Farah’s first Level 1 ATS® classes will be a 5-week series, starting July 21st - August 18th. Classes will be every Sunday from 5 pm- 6 at Middleburg Hts. Recreation Center. Space is limited, so register early. If you register early, the 5-week course will cost $50 (that's $10 a class). Drop in is $12 at the door.

To register early you can paypal Farah at:

You can join Farah’s event page for all the details :

“I am really looking forward to these upcoming adventures. I have a lot of knowledge and passion to offer the Cleveland dance community,” Farah says.

Farah has had many adventures in dance. Most involve travel around the country to study and broaden her dance horizons.

“Every month it seems that I am at a different corner of the United States learning from someone spectacular. Tribal Fusion and especially American Tribal Style® is not very prominent in the Cleveland area. I am always in search for knowledge and bringing a sense of artistry and quality to my dance. To achieve this I knew I had to buckle down and study. It is because of this drive I have to learn that I have been so incredibly lucky to travel and study with my heroes. I have traveled so much and taken so many dance intensives it is impossible to pick a favorite moment. However, I will never forget the moment I was able to tell Rachel Brice that she was the reason I became a belly dancer. I will also never forget the moment I asked Carolena Nericcio to autograph my Zill pouch. I am living the dance nerds dream and I cherish every moment of it. I also encourage other local dancers to study and travel if you can. In dance we are always students and there is always something to learn."

"The reason why I decided to try out American Tribal Style® about 2 years ago was because of my endless need for knowledge. As someone who was identifying herself as a "Tribal Fusion" dancer I felt the need to really know my craft and to understand the dance lineage I came from (Jamila Salimpour, Masha Archer, Carolena Nericcio, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice). I fell head over heels with the regal quality that was present in ATS® so along with my own style of fusion I decided to pursue it.”

“The reason why I decided to bring this style to Cleveland is simply because we are lacking it in our dance community. I am here hopefully to bring big skirts, zills, and the energy that only ATS® style of group improvisation can bring!”

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