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American Tea Room to open second store in downtown Los Angeles

CEO David Barenholtz stands in the middle of American Tea Room
CEO David Barenholtz stands in the middle of American Tea Room
American Tea Room

American Tea Room in Beverly Hills has announced the intention to expand its brand and open a new store in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. The new store will occupy a 5,600 square-foot space at 909 S. Santa Fe Ave. The building will include oasis garden tea lounge and a new large tasting room. It will also house corporate offices and online headquarters to accommodate their constantly growing internet business which has increased by more than 30% year-over-year since the American Tea Room started its online store in 2006. Construction begins this month with an expected completion date of November 2014.

According to American Tea Room CEO and Founder David Barenholtz “American Tea Room has slowly and steadily built its business and positive reputation by providing the finest teas available at every price point. Based on its success, I have been able secure new investors with significant capital to expand the brand to one of the most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in Los Angeles, with even more growth on the horizon.”

For those not familiar with American Tea Room, it is a large store located at 401 N. Canon Dr. in Beverly Hills, California. Established in 2003, it is as close to a tea lovers' paradise as any tea store could be—so far.

Though the store is filled with tables and shelves selling all manner of tea ware, it is spacious with room to move about and explore. There are no hovering sales people wondering if thay can “help” you. However, service is readily available when needed.

There is a service counter with a large display of containers filled with loose leaf tea. Customers may ask to see and sniff any tea they choose with the help of the person behind the counter. Customers can even ask to have a pot of the tea they are interested in steeped for a small price. Another corner houses a small area for drinking tea and eating a variety of tea foods.

With this level of selection and service, it is no wonder that Ameican Tea Room is one of the highest-grossing single store retailers in the U.S.

The creation of the new store in downtown Los Angeles will allow the Beverly Hills location to undergo renovations. These changes will include a new, more open and contemporary design that will allow more seating indoors and outdoors, larger food selection on the menu and an expanded retail space.

Barenholtz plans further expansion of the American Tea Room brand with more stores opening in Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York City by 2015.

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