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American super cars, why we dont have them.

Super car is not something that one sees very often in Columbus, not even in front of the high-end dealerships ore restaurants. Reason being there is no need for them in Columbus, or Ohio for that matter, having one is just dumb here in this city.

However we all still like to ogle over them, and the bodylines, the engine sounds and performance. Another problem with seeing a super car in Columbus is that most of them come from over the pond in Europe.

America hasn’t made a truly good super car in years; yes we have made several sports cars like the Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro. Those however cannot compete with things like the Porsche 911, Ferrari 599 gto, or Nissan GT-R. All of them wonderful cars all around, minus the price tag and the shipping fees to get them to the US.

Now before you think we Americans lost our automotive prowess In the 70s and 80s with the powerful muscle car. There have been some other automotive creations, Salleen S7 was developed right here in the U.S. and could compete with most European super cars. Styled like a racecar seen more on a track. With a huge v8 engine producing 550 brake horsepower, which was raised in the last few years of its short 4-year production to 750 horsepower. Now where would you use 750 horsepower in Columbus?

Super Petrol head Jay Leno Himself called the SSC Aero one of America’s best super cars. The car designed by Cobra and mustang customized Shelby puts out and insane 1183 Brake horsepower. The car was meant to beat the Bugatti Veyron as the fastest production car, while on its way to break the record the test driver reported having wheel spin, at around 190 miles per hour.

The most popular and successful of all American super cars would be the soon to be defunct Dodge Viper. This is a car that you might actually see on a Columbus road. Priced right but on the low end of performance for a super car, but high on the production level.

Unfortunately those are the most successful American super cars. More than likely because speed is less welcomed in this beautiful country, and the joys of driving are lost on rush hour stop and go traffic. The Europeans are more open to the idea of nice cars and speed, which helps the market. Maybe some day people in America will open up to the idea of straight flat roads with which we can drive super cars at top speed, one can only dream.

If you find the desire to go look at and maybe look into owning a super car, Midwestern Auto Group is the best place to start. They have the best selection of European sports and super cars in Columbus. If you want an American Super car, you will be hard pressed to find one new. 


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