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American-Statesman misfires on marijuana, libertarians, freedom

Austin American-Statesman columnist Ken Herman skewered both Texas Libertarian Party candidates and activists from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws after noting "The stoners' voters guide is out, just in time for Monday's start of early balloting in the Nov. 6 general election."

No "group," just people: Dallas area NORML activists Andrea Brown and Shaun McAlister join LP candidate John Jay Myers for US Senate in a common cause: individual freedom and personal responsibility.
Ash Subphamitra/DFW NORML

After observing that it's mostly "the 56 starved-for-attention Libertarian nominees" who support the goals of NORML he rails against the recreational use of pot this way: "is it asking too much for marijuana users to cease and desist using marijuana unless and until it's legalized?"

Following Herman's line of "reasoning," no Black person ever should have sat in the front of a bus until the bloody civil rights movement and the US Congress legalized freedom; Chicago citizens shouldn't use handguns to defend themselves from muggers and rapists until Chicago's politicians legalize the US Constitution; and people like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning shouldn't tell the truth about our criminal government until our criminal government legalizes truth.

Herman then enlists this quote from Democrat candidate Kesha Rogers in his anti-stoner tirade: "Pot, Rogers wrote, is 'a psychotropic drug, the regular use of which impairs memory, attention span and reasoning judgment, all of which are faculties of the mind essential to any society that depends upon its population to maintain the inalienable rights enshrined in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.'"

Leave it to a Democrat to invoke groupthink. Clearly Rogers thinks that individuals exist solely as molecules of a single organization called "population" which in turn exists to maintain inalienable rights which are, let's not forget, strictly group rights in the liberal ethos.

But "Wait, she's not done yet," warns Herman. And she's not.

"The glorification of a drug-using lifestyle, whether legal, regulated or illegal, is a bane to our society's mission to physically, mentally and morally improve itself through our commitment 'to the nation and its posterity.'"

But smoking pot is no more "the glorification of a drug-using lifestyle" than chewing gum is "the glorification of a gum-chewing lifestyle."

But note, once again, the liberal obsession with demanding that all individuals (society) exist only to commit themselves "to the nation and its posterity" with nary a word about individual human beings and their own chosen posterities.

While people like Herman and Rogers always see themselves as individuals they look down on everyone else simply as featureless amebae in an entity they call "group."

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