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American Staffordshire, pit bull statistics revealed!

American Staffordshire Puppies
American Staffordshire Puppies


  • Profile picture of John Rupar
    John Rupar 4 years ago

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! Here is my article below about identifying a pit bull and how the stats are misleading, because everyone is so quick to call a dog a pit bull. Has a test in the article seeing if people can find the real so called "pit bull"

  • Faith 4 years ago

    Great article and just reiterates what educated people know about canine behavior. Unfortunately, our communities will not be safe from dog attacks/dog bites until we start targeting reckless owners of all breeds! And by reckless, I mean people from all walks of life, not just thugs in the ghetto which is what people tend to think of when referring to reckless owners. I am a professional dog trainer, I own three bully breeds who are extremely well-behaved, CGC tested, and one who has two therapy titles. I live in a nice area, yet I am constantly harassed by off-leash dogs; many who are not friendly, with wealthy, yet clueless owners who continue to let them run in local parks (that are not off-leash dog parks) harassing dogs that are walking on-leash. Laws need to be enforced, penalties need to be increased, and officials and the public need to stop targeting one breed of dog, when they are obviously not the problem.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    You make good points. Just want to mention that Marjorie Knoller and her husband Robert Noel were the dog owners, and Diane Whipple was the victim who was killed. Both Knoller and Noel were convicted, but I think Noel's was overturned.

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