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American Seasons: still one of Nantucket’s top restaurants

Kimchi pancakes with shrimp and porkbelly
Kimchi pancakes with shrimp and porkbelly

American Seasons is just not like any other restaurant. The playfulness that chef Michael LaScola injects into his food makes every visit a delightful and delicious surprise. And further, what other high-end restaurant offers T-shirts?

Grilled Sirloin with hushpuppy onion rings

Our visit last night confirmed out long standing impression that you can’t go wrong at American Seasons. Everyone offers scallops, but the preparation at American Seasons while called Seared Day Boat Scallop ($17.50), includes fried summer sausage, buttered corn veloute and barbecue vinaigrette and pickles. Needless to say, it was every bit as good as it sounds.

Our other appetizer was just as playful: Kimchi pancakes ($17.50) with BBQ pork belly and smoked shrimp with sesame dressing. In this case, you first encounter the shrimp, and hidden under them is an ample serving of pork belly and under that a “pancake” with mild kimchi cooked inside it. Decorated with arugula and sesame dressing, this is pretty spectacular.

One main course was Pineland Farms Grilled Beef Sirloin ($42). The tender and juicy sirloin came with BBQ lentils, a deviled egg emulsion, chow chow (relish) and two huge “hush puppy” onion rings, decorated with white beans and arugula. A really fun twist on the ubiquitous “steak frites.”

Finally, our other main course was a Suckling Pig Confit ($35) served with a butter bean puree, mustard greens and a sherry rhubarb sauce. Every bite was a little different because of the construction of the confit and the accompanying sauce. Quite a feat.

But we couldn’t leave without seeing what their desserts were like. One was a Smores Sundae ($13.50): a graham cracker cake with chocolate pretzel marshmallow ice cream and toasted house made marshmallows. And there were actually little Smores sandwiches in chocolate under the ice cream.

The other was a Chocolate Peanut Caramel Tart ($14) with banana coffee ice cream and cocoa “soil.” This was sort of a variation on the “Flying Elvis” they frequently offer, with a little cookie sitting on top of the ice cream which then sits on top of the caramel tart. It was quite spectacular and very good.

You can never go wrong at American Seasons. Our bill, with tax and 3 glasses of wine was $190. Oh, and we also bought a T-shirt. It has a playful little piglet on it, playing with a toy.