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American’s who are we?

Story of us
Story of us

Pre 1776 we were an unhappy bunch of humanity due to taxation, tyranny, and oppression, and thus we were conceived. On July 4th 1776 was born a baby country named the United States of America and thus also the birth of the family of humanity called Americans’

So what’s in our name? Well the intent of our forefathers and the constitution clearly spells out in the 10th Amendment that we are to be a united group of individually governed states and thus the, “United States of America.” The 10th Amendment reads, “The states and the people keep those powers not delegated to the federal government, and which the Constitution does not forbid to states in Article I, Section 10.” We were not named America Ruler of States. We are not one speaking for fifty; we are fifty speaking as one. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

From 1776 we pioneered on and built a country based on freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Families risked their lives to move west through deadly Indian Territory to the pursuit happiness, of freedom, and to control their own destinies. But now we have evolved into fat, lazy, and arrogant citizens that let apathy rule and someone else, (The Federal Government,) to decide what freedom is and where our destiny is to go.

We progressed and prospered our way through the balance of the seventeen hundreds and grew along through most of the eighteen hundreds until we had our first family riff, The Civil War. Pre 1861 we were a bitterly divided bunch split by envy, power, and greed. Eerily similar to our American family situation today. We endured a very costly war that impacted nearly every American, but from there we learned and rose back up to grow into the Super Power that became the model to the world as to how a country and government should be. We were instrumental in stopping evil in World War II and if not for our sacrifices as a nation this very well could be a much different and worse world today. We came together as one to fight and give our all in the name of righteousness. By the late 1960’s we topped the world in almost every category of measurement. We had the highest standard of living, the best schools, we made the best goods and services, and we even led the world in sciences by landing a man on the moon.

From there we slowly became complacent and more self centered in ourselves and began neglecting our collective family, American patriots. Our shuffling of priorities has led us down a road of, debt, unrest, greed, lust for power which has resulted in a marked decline in our world ranking in the categories’ that were once the source of our national pride. We use to lead in standard of living, schools, producing the best goods and services, leading the world in sciences and exploration, and on and on. Now we lead in most obese, most divorced, and most oil use. Not exactly a source of the national pride we experienced when we landed on the moon or defeated Nazism.

We have become a country of mediocre citizens leading mediocre lives in an mediocre country. We blame everything but ourselves by complaining instead of owning our situation. Government is not the problem, they work for us. We collectively hired them via the vote, so we get exactly what we asked for. A country of mediocre citizens produces a mediocre government, just as a country of exceptional citizens produces an exceptional government.

This country was meant to be governed by citizens with moral compasses of doing what is right within their families, their local communities, their states, and collectively their country. It was never intended for 535 people in Washington to run everything as their special interest sees fit. It was intended that we as individuals run our individual lives as exceptional citizen with good moral compasses and contribute to society via participating in our local and state governments. It was intended we know first hand not via the media or Hollywood how things actually work within government so we could cast a well informed vote as opposed to an well influenced vote. It was intended for us to control our destinies not have a federal government control it for us. If anyone else controls our destiny it is no longer freedom it’s control by others, AKA, “Slavery.” It was never intended for us to be enslaved by a federal master.

Who we are now, and who we have become are a far cry from what we were and were intended to be.

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