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American Robin bird

London, England a Robin perches on a rail in London, England
(Photo by Dan Kitwood Getty Images)

The Robin with the reddish belly, dark back and long tail and dark head has visually been in plain sight in El Paso, TX visiting on a daily basis early mornings and leaving just before nightfall.

The Robin birds are characterized as “authoritative“ birds they sit and observe their surroundings. As they are viewed, it can be said they do just that. They sit confidently on the rock walls for some time surveying their environment not being in any haste to go. Their harvests are the earthworms, berries, grasshoppers and other insects in most of the landscapes, lawns and so forth.

They are singers and they like to sing with joy early in the break of morning.

They seem to come to areas that they are most attractive, too. “Attracting them” is said, by having the right tree’s, “water” and a safe area for nesting.

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