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American Press has become Tabloid Media

"The only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution", as stated by John F. Kennedy in a speech to the American Newspaper Publisher's Association. This speech is contained in the attached video made during Ron Paul's 2008 candidacy. Just as in recent debates, Dr. Paul was the lone voice calling for a return of America's troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He was assailed by both presidential hopefuls and news anchors alike, much in the same fashion he has been in the 2011 debates. While the press maintained its tactic of limiting Dr. Paul's debate time as it had done in the previous election, it has employed a new strategy in this current cycle. This time around it has attempted to ignore the Dr. completely by refusing to report on his numbers in the polls.

the free press

Dr. Paul wants to limit the power of the federal government and reduce the size of the military industrial complex. America and Liberty are under attack by mega corporations who have joined forces with legislators to monopolize, regulate and stifle commerce in order to funnel wealth to select corporations and individuals. The solution, however, is not to empower government with more regulatory power and clamp down on big business with draconian laws and fascist policies. Neither is it to simply back off and allow the major corporations to have their way.

In order for a free market to thrive and correct itself, checks and balances must be implemented to account for greed and corruption. One of these checks and balances is contained in the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of speech. In the attached video, JFK elaborates on the importance of the "free press" and its role in a free society. In order to have a market free from excessive regulation and socialist style government programs, news organizations, journals and today's bloggers must have the freedom to report abuses and corruption whenever observed. Investigators, journalists and reporters reveal what is going on and the issue is brought out into the open.

It is critical that this voice remain in the private sector and free from speical interests. During the Obama administration, several attempts have been made to get private citizens to phone in or report suspected terrorist activity. One of the famous items was Janet Napolitano's Wal Mart campaign. This type of "big brother" approach only increases government spending and intrusion, which has resulted in the mess we are in today. George Washington stated that "government is force", and that, like fire, "it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master". Government's intention, if left unchecked is to grow. Whether it be through social programs, laws and enforcement, or the military, it will find a way to perpetuate itself.

The role of the press is to represent the voice of the people and to expose corruption whether it be from government or big business. Today, however, the press has been bought out by large corporations and political interests. Without the internet, the average citizen would not have access to critical information hidden from the public. Documentaries like Food Inc. and Cancer Is Serious Business, exist because of the failure of the American News Industry. It is ironic that one of the voices on the internet today from which credible, insider news can often be found is Russia Today.

In Ron Paul we have a man who wants to restore America and the Constitution. Who defends freedom of speech, free trade and the rule of law. The greatest champion of the press' right to speak is ignored and very often ridiculed by that very entity itself. Thankfully, today we have the internet and sites like Examiner, which provide an avenue for citizen journalists to report what is going on and bring us the truth, or at least another perspective. That is until the government finds a way to censor it.


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