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American Presidential Trivia Answers From Akron Politics and Religion Examiner

Whose that tramping across my bridge?
Whose that tramping across my bridge?
By Randy Pope

From time to time you are encouraged to enjoy a game of trivia in the pages of the Akron Politics and Religion Examiner. If you follow this page very closely you understand that a Christian Worldview requires that every area of life be informed by the Word of God.. Therefore, do not be surprised that you are expected to look for the Christian message in the recreational exercise. For your enjoyment below you will find five trivia questions about American Presidential history. Though you are expected to have some fun with this page, you will want to look for the hidden, or not so hidden, content within the questions here relating to modern religious and political issues, which are dealt with in the pages of the Akron politics and religion pages. The answer to the questions which will be posted tomorrow can be found below. Feel free to try to determine the questions, or leave and come back tomorrow to play the game.

A. William Taft, and John Kennedy

A. John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson

A. Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan

A. John Adams

A. James Monroe – And one elector refused to vote for him because he felt that Washington should be the only president to win unanimously.

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