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American political unrest

It used to be when you read the newspaper, a magazine or watched television news that the reporting of political unrest was in relation to other countries; especially with regard to civil or military protests or coupes in third world countries.

 American political unrest in Michigan
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Recently however, there has been allot of discussion (either directly or indirectly) related to “American political unrest” and rightfully so.

Americans appear to be the most divided since the civil war on every issue imaginable.

Everything from health care, same sex marriage, legalization of marijuana, immigration, the first and second amendments, state’s rights and even the authority of the president, congress and our very constitution are being questioned and debated.

Most political pundits agree the matter of state’s rights is the most serious of these matters; not since before the civil war has this issue been so volatile. States are having their laws challenged and overturned by the Federal courts almost daily.

It is not just state legislative decisions which are being over turned by the Federal Courts but voter referendums and even State Supreme Court decisions which the Federal government via the Federal courts or Presidential Executive order are negating and eliminating.

Believing the Federal Courts (mostly appointed by the Obama administration) are far over reaching their authority, attorney generals of nearly every state in the union are suing the Federal Government for over stepping their bounds.

In states like Texas, there have even been threats of arrest of Federal agents attempting to enforce certain rulings by Federal courts, executive orders or Federal agency directives.

In short, it is a real mess and the grass roots are getting fed up pretty quick.

Debate is always good because it keeps us thinking, reasoning and challenging the status quo; it keeps us from becoming stagnant.

But when people begin to get violent in their discussions, threats are made of every sort and labels become attached to people, social groups, religious organizations and even individual states simply because of an opinion, then the reality of political unrest moves from possibility to reality.

The reality is there has already been a very silent and bloodless civil war in this country over a nearly six year period by the Obama administration and extreme left wing progressive movement of both parties in this country.

Not a shot has been fired. There has been no Fort Sumter.

Change has taken place in ways many people never expected; although they were warned prior to the 2008 Presidential election.

Now, just like the aftermath of the real Civil War, there are homeless, carpet baggers (wealthy taking advantage of the poor), states almost completely federally controlled and citizens (such as Tea Party members) being denied their rights simply because of who they are.

Under the new so called Affordable Healthcare Act (aka “Obama-care”) entirely new classes of poor and indigent are being created and senior citizens who have been some of the healthiest and wisest on earth are now being relegated to the back burner and ultimately death panels for determining the length and kind of care they get are all but fully eliminating these once valuable assets of our society.

America is in trouble and most everyone knows it but due to the “political unrest” those in political leadership are looking out for their political careers rather than America.

With the 2014 mid-term elections approaching, Americans should study every candidate and every issue to be voted on with a proverbial microscope before they cast their vote.

We must try to keep this American political unrest under control at the voting booth before it becomes out of control and something far greater.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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