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'American Pickers' visit ‘Sweet Homes Alabama’ on History Channel

American Pickers found a 1957 Chevy convertible but price was too high
American Pickers found a 1957 Chevy convertible but price was too high
Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday night's History Channel episode of "American Pickers" was titled "Sweet Homes Alabama," starring Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe. The professional pickers that travel across not only the United States, but over the world picking through treasures covered with dust and rust from age, and love every minute of their hunt as cobwebs and dead animals don’t scare them a bit.

As the episode begins, the guys are in the truck as Mike tells Frank that he has a wisdom tooth coming in sideways that he knows is going to cost at least $500 to have pulled. Frank tells him to find out how much they will charge to knock him out and remove the tooth and he will do it for half price.

As they guys are back together, heading to Alabama, Danielle calls with a lead for a guy named John, who is ex-military and has an interesting collection; some may even call it weird. When they arrive, they find out just how true the description is. His collection consists of everything. Mike spotted a metal sign for overalls, with two tigers each pulling a pant leg to show how tough the overalls were, after dickering, Mike got it for $235. Frank found a clock with two bulldogs standing around it for $165. Mike found a neon green Swing Bike in great condition for the 70s for $250. There was no rhyme or reason to the collection, there could have been anything among the items there. When they went into the basement, they found lots of furniture. Mike found Toledo chairs and got all four for $260, and no bargain for buying all four. Mike found a set of huge andirons from a plantation house of the Civil War era called the Forks of Cypress. He paid $600 for them because the story behind them was as valuable as the andirons themselves.

As they drove down a road, they saw a picker’s paradise. The man’s name was Larry and he had stuff inside and outside. When they saw a drawer of old doors from safe deposit boxes, Larry had to ask Brenda, his wife of 53 years about selling them. Brenda loves antiques and Larry said she could smell rust four miles away. Brenda was a tough negotiator, but she knows how to haggle. The guys seemed to have a ball dickering with Brenda. She had such a sweet Southern voice and nice disposition. As they went through every room in the house, one was a reproduction of a general store, with fixtures and all accoutrements. The guys had a blast and got some great signs and displays for good prices.

As they continued on their way, they got another call from Danielle to stop and see a guy named Keith, who used to own a Chevy dealership. The place was stopped in time and had all the old feel from the 1950s. Mike got old coveralls and a Chevy hat and jacket for $350. They found a 1957 red Chevy convertible that was there since it was brand new. Keith turned down an offer for $75,000, already, so Mike didn’t even bother. Mike got Chevy dealer items that were amazing. A 1941 dealer kit where each part moved to show action, similar to some young children’s action books. He also got a kit that gave the customer a view of what each car looked like in different colors.

After they left, they used the Bluetooth in the new Ford truck to call Robbie. He has several contacts who love everything Chevy. So after Mike hung up, Frank questioned why they called Robbie? Frank then complained that they now have to pay him 10% and he is as slow as molasses. When Robbie, yelled that he was still on the line, Frank did some quick back-pedaling on this episode of "American Pickers."

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