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'American Pickers' meet ‘Captain Quirk’ on History Channel

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe the American Pickers
Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR

Tonight's History Channel episode of "American Pickers" was titled "Captain Quirk," starring Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe. The professional pickers that travel across not only the United States, but over the world picking through treasures covered with dust and rust from age, and love every minute of their hunt as cobwebs and dead animals don’t scare them a bit.

As the episode begins, Frank and Dave are still in Florida, as Mike continues to work in the shop. Ben, the guy who fixed up the Little Deuce Coupe, is helping put shelves on the weathered barn wood Mike used for the interior.

As the guys are traveling, Danielle calls with a lead for a doctor named Jack, who lives in Florida and has a couple of buildings filled with eccentric stuff. She knows that this stuff is not up Frank’s alley, but maybe he will find something for the shop. When they pull up, he is waiting for them and happy to see them. He is a kitsch collector, usually stuff in bad taste. They find lots of weird medical stuff, with an outer space flair. Some of the stuff would make Dr. Frankenstein very happy. They found old televisions made by Philco, fishing lures, and a pod that holds a lot of people in case of a catastrophe.

Danielle calls again with a lead for a guy named Chris, with a huge neon sign collection. The guy was a car dealer, so she warns them not to fall for his sales pitch. When they walked into his shop, there were neon signs from yesteryear that made them ooh and ah. Everything was immaculate, including the antique cars in the gigantic space. He bought roached out signs, cleaned them up, and added neon to them, really making them pop.

He had mostly Ford cars because he sold them. He even had a special car owned by Edsel Ford, in mint condition. Most of his stuff was not for sale, and the stuff that was for sale was too high priced. Finally, Dave found an old Hastings Piston Rings clock for $175 and a Payne’s West End Service neon sign for $1,000. Frank finally bought a Headlight Overalls Neon Sign for $1,650. Dave found a Moxie sign and a car radio sign without the radio. He got both for $2,650 after a lot of haggling.

Another call from Dani sent them to meet the Captain, who lives on a decommissioned tug boat named the Tutahaco. When they pulled into his property, it was not manicured like the last two. This one was a junker’s paradise. Dee greeted them; she was his girlfriend, and they had a miniature horse for a pet and traveled as far as St. Thomas on the boat. Dee took the guys around to show them the Captain’s stuff. Dave spotted a Harley jacket from long ago, and had to have it. Then there were a bunch of trailers with all kinds of stuff. Most of the trailers contained stuff the guys could not use. However, one had nautical stuff, portholes, a weathered American flag and a bunch of brass lights and portholes.

When the guys returned home, they were happy to see how much Mike got done in the new shop, and when he sees what they got, he will be looking for places to display it all on this episode of "American Pickers."

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