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‘American Pickers’ heads to New England; 2 ‘Honey Holes’ seen on History channel

American Pickers reality stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz
American Pickers reality stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz
American Pickers/History Channel

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the reality stars of History Channel’s American Pickers are heading to New England on Wednesday night in a focused search at two "Honey Holes" (for those fans who need a quick vocabulary update, that is the show’s lingo for a location full of antiques.) In the episode, Frank's Holy Grail, viewers follow the guys as they are intrigued by some amazing antiques in New England. According to Radio Iowa on Wednesday, the guys have been busy searching for new locations to share with television viewers and this appears to be another great adventure.

The upcoming episode is once again mind-blowing as a collection of vintage petroliana in Massachusetts is discovered. Frank breaks a sweat and he almost breaks the bank when he uncovers the holy grail of oil cans. This collection is eye popping and definitely offers up a little bit of history.

Later, in Rhode Island, the guys get a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to a mammoth Newport mansion where they bid big money on a series of rare gems. The collection is quite stunning, but when it comes down to the series, it appears they have found something special.

So why do fans love American Pickers? Well, the reality stars purchase dozens of items, but it is the story that really connects with the viewers. Offering up the history and emotion of the item, instead of just a price tag, it’s a chance to explore another person’s life vicariously. The exchange seen in the show might be based on an item, but the show is really about life and how we choose to live.

American Pickers is on the History Channel airing Wednesday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET.