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'American Pickers' finds treasures ‘For a Few Dollars More’

American Picker Mike Wolfe and his little daughter
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Tonight's History Channel episode of "American Pickers" was titled "For a Few Dollars More," as Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, the professional hunters travel the earth picking through treasures covered with dust and rust from age will soon discover.

As the episode begins, the guys are sent by Danielle to see a woman auctioneer named Cookie. Mike has met this woman already, at a charity auction. Danielle sends them the coordinates. Because Mike already knows her, they will go see the woman, but because she is an auctioneer, she will probably want top dollar for her merchandise. On the way there, Mike tells Frank about his recollection of Cookie. He says she is the result of Annie Oakley meeting Jackie Gleason, and she is quite a character.

When they arrive, she is everything and more of what Mike described. She wears a medal and proudly tells the guys that she is the only woman auctioneer in the National Auctioneers Hall of Fame. Mike spotted a pair of leather chaps that would be perfect for his daughter, and negotiated and got them for $80. They got an ancient pedal car for $225, and with each sale, they brought out the cantankerous woman inside. She was a riot and they guys loved her. Mike found an old Stetson ad with a cowboy wearing their hat standing next to her horse. After a long round of negotiations, Mike got it for $230. Mike spotted an ornate pair of leather cowboy boots that would be perfect for their Nashville shop. She wanted $1,000 for them, and anything less would just kill her, but Mike managed to get them for $550. As the guys left, they both hugged her and now both have a dear friend in Cookie. Before they left, they asked if she had any leads for them, and she sent them to a guy named Don, a sign maker, with a killer 20th century lighting collection.

Don stated that he was a creature of darkness, and his hobby is light. His lighting collection features much from the 1950s and on top of it, his father was a rock era photographer, as they found out when they spotted a picture of Jimi Hendrix and another of Bob Dylan. When they went to another area, he showed them his awesome sculptures, each painted with fluorescent paint, and they contained no internal lighting. They were bright as the midday sky, and so beautiful, lighted by black light. Frank thought he was out of a scene from Back to the Future. Frank was determined to buy at least one 1950s lamp from Don, but he loved his lamps and finally; Frank got it for $150.

Back in Nashville, Danielle was still working on leads for the guys. She found one, that was “off the beaten path.” She had no idea, just how far off it was. Lolly and Billy lived in the middle of nowhere, and their father had tons of old stuff he found when metal detecting. He even had a mastodon tooth he found in Alaska back in the 1940s and lots not mining equipment. Frank got a Honda trail bike for $325, but the key was long gone. Mike got some panniers that were large canvas and leather bags, hung on each side of a horse to carry things. Lolly was surprised, because stuff she thought should have been thrown-away ages ago, was stuff they wanted. They even found a vintage coin-operated horse they got for $450.

They had another place for them to check out; an old bomb shelter their father built in the 1960s. There was nothing they guys wanted, but if the big one came, they had a place to run just in case.

In their backyard was an old jailhouse that was moved there about thirty years ago. A wooden door had several hobo-inspired carvings on the inside, obviously done by prisoners. The door even contained a poem about a woman with red lips and silk stockings. Mike bought a jailhouse door from a tobacco-chewing cowgirl. In a barn, there were tops and glass panels from vintage gas pumps they got the entire lot for $700. They also heard about a baby bobcat, their father found when it was about two days old. They had it as a pet for a few years, until a neighbor shot it for its fur.

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