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‘American Pickers’ find out ‘Virginia Is for Pickers’ on History Channel

Red Vespa, similar to the one Danielle found on American Pickers

On tonight's episode of “American Pickers,” the guys are in Virginia, because Danielle proved that the most leads were from this state. The first guy Joey did not like modern technology, and had lots of car and motorcycle parts. Joey was a great guy, and after their initial meeting, they hit it off. He loves motorcycles and had a vast collection of them. They found a Harley Knucklehead, and Joey wanted $20,000, but it was incomplete and needed lots of work. They knew he was asking too much for it, but the fact that he put a price on it, gave them hope.

Danielle and Robbie are also out together picking some of her leads. They had the first pick of a couple’s decision to retire. Jimmy and Phyllis had hundreds of metal signs and were happy to sell many of them, but some were overpriced, because Jimmy did not want to really part with them. Robbie sent pictures of the signs to Mike, and told him the asking prices. Mike told him that if the price is not right; do not bite.

Mike was still trying to buy the Knucklehead, but then Mike finds that Joey has a 1928 Indian motorcycle. For once, Mike is not interested in the Indian, but still wants the Knucklehead. He only wants the chassis, and finally gets it for $10,000.

Back with Phyllis and Jimmy, Robbie found an old Buick dealer’s neon sign. Robbie dickered with Jimmy and got it for $900, and the two were very proud of themselves. They got a massive bundle of vintage metal signs, some were nice and others were roached out. Danielle found a 1964 red Vespa 90, and got it for $650, after calling and checking with Mike. All in all, the two pairs of pickers made some awesome deals on this episode of “American Pickers.”

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