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'American Pickers' find ‘KISS and Sell’ on History Channel

Tonight's episode of "American Pickers" was titled "KISS and Sell," as Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, the professional hunters travel the earth picking through treasures covered with dust and rust from age will soon find out.

1911 Harley Davidson, similar to one American PIckers restored
Wikimedia Commons

As the episode begins, the guys are in upstate New York. As they knock on the door of the designated address, a woman answers the door and hands them a dress. They thought that they were coming to pick a barn, but they had to buy the dress first. Then they got to go to the barn; and it was worth every minute of it.

This husband and wife, who claimed to be the original pickers, Ronnie and Nikki. They had busts of the four KISS band members, but would not let them go for less than $1,000. Frank could not see it, but looked through the rest of the items. This couple knew their pricing, and Nikki was sticking to her guns. Frank got a broken parrot toy that did not work for $50.

They found an Oddfellows suit that looked like chain mail. They had an entire section that was Oddfellows. Mike bought a bunch of hoodwinks for $170. As they continued to see more stuff that piqued their interest. The Oddfellows stuff was amazing and much in great condition considering its age. Mike found a box full of masks he got for $500 and an ornamental axe for $300.

Mike then found a soapbox derby racing car from ages ago, a real one like the models the Cub Scouts use for their racing. Mike knew he paid a bit too much, but he had to have it and paid $1,050. Although Frank did not get any KISS stuff, they had a good time and met one tough negotiator in Nikki.

Back in Tennessee, the motor for the 1911 Harley arrived from New Jersey, and Danielle went to see Dave to tell him the motor arrived. He showed her the project he has been working on and now the last piece of the puzzle arrived. As they went outside to bring the motor into the shop, Dave was shocked that the guy in Jersey made a deal with Mike for the part, he said that guy was tougher than boiled owl.

In upstate New York, the guys love free-styling here with the great history. As they got off the highway and on to gravel roads, they spotted a red barn with old signs. Kyle was his name, and he loved old signs. He thought they were guys who wanted to hunt on his property … well not with a gun!

Kyle loved talking to the guys about his collection and when Mike spotted a picture, Kyle told him that it was an old gunpowder mill. However, it blew up long ago. Kyle loved the old industry, and was sad that it disappeared. He loved his signs that reminded him of days gone by.

Frank found a sign for Nationwide Insurance he got for $40. Mike had to climb through a wall of chairs but found the mother lode of old cigarette machines. Art-deco designs and old cigarettes like; Camels, Chesterfield, Lucky Strike and Phillip Morris. One had a sign that read; “to operate, insert 4 nickels or 2 dimes or 2 nickels and 1 dime. Then pull and push lever under brand desired.” Twenty cents for a pack of cigarettes is a far cry from the astronomical prices of today. Mike got four of the machines for $150 each.

When they checked out the other barn, Frank found an old coffee grinder he got for $200, but the last barn was the jackpot, when Mike found an old traffic signal, he got for $1,000. It was something he never saw before and was not leaving without it.

When it was sent to the shop, Danielle found a guy who collected these old signals, and he had never seen this one in person before. Although it was not in the best condition, had been welded, was missing the lenses, it was still worth $1,600 to $1,800.

As the guys were back home, they heard a noise as Dave drove to the shop on the 1911 Harley that he restored, with a bit of help from some friends. When Mike saw the bike, he was beside himself. It had to be pedaled to start it, but once it was going, it was an awesome sight.

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