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'American Pickers' find ‘Frank’s Holy Grail’ on History Channel

American Pickers went to Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island
American Pickers went to Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island
Wikimedia Commons

Last night's History Channel episode of "American Pickers" was titled "Frank’s Holy Grail," starring Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe. These professional pickers travel the earth picking through treasures covered with dust and rust from age, and love every minute.

As the episode begins, the guys are in the Berkshire’s of Massachusetts when Danielle calls with a lead to see two brothers, Mark and Greg, who lost their father a few years back. He was in the bus transportation business, but loved everything related to the automobile, petroleum and advertising memorabilia. As they asked about several items, they were not for sale because they brought back too many memories of their dad. These guys know about persistence, so they wait and finally make some deals.

In another room, they found more things that were not in the best condition, mostly transportation items. Some Coca-Cola items were old, rusty and ripe for the picking. They had very old gas pumps, and they got two old clock face pumps for $1,150. When Frank saw a 1908 Harley-Davidson oil can he nearly lost his mind and offered $2,000 immediately, when he would not give up, he finally bought it for $3,500 and called it his “Holy Grail,” and not for sale, it will be added to his collection, front and center and he will probably make a shrine out of it.

In Rhode Island, Danielle called to send them to an old castle. They are to meet with a guy named Joe, who is authorized to sell on the owner’s behalf. When they arrived at 8:03 for an 8 a.m. appointment, the woman who called them was a bit miffed that they were late. She led them in to meet with Joe, who explained about the awesome mansions and the owners. This one called Belcourt Castle was owned by Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont as a summer home for his horses. The place was magnificent and Joe finally took them to see the items that were for sale. These were items the owner felt did not belong on the property and was willing to see them go to someone who would appreciate them.

There were handmade plaster overhang scrolls that supported the overhanging roof, these are called corbels and Mike bought five of them for $1,750. In the ballroom that resembled a cathedral, with stained glass windows. The electrical work on the property was done by Thomas Edison. The wealthiest people were the first to get electricity. Frank found four chandeliers that he got for $200 each; Joe jumped at Frank’s offer, making him think he could have gotten them cheaper. He got two ornate gates for $500 and believes he already has a buyer for them. Two very bad shape sedan chairs used to carry royalty around by servants would make awesome conversation pieces in the shop, Mike got them both for $520. They found more architectural pieces and made great deals digging back into history.

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