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American Pickers discover art you can drive

American Pickers
American Pickers
History Channel

In the most recent episode of American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of Antique Archaeology visited California in search of treasures. Their first stop is to meet with Baron Frank and Mike traveled to California in search of treasures.

They first visited Baron Marco, an artist with 40 years' experience. First known as a folk artist, he now is known as a creator of steam punk. His art has muscle. Visiting his studio, they are shown a robot lady who watches over rocket ships, flying saucers and more which Marco has created, using his free-style manner, from re-purposed objects. For $1,300, Frank scores two outstanding wall art automobiles which are expertly crafted and very attractive.

Marco proceeds to reveal that his car art has reached its climax with the construction of an actual life-size working car equipped with a jet pack, which he could not part with for a picker's price but generously allowed Mike and Frank to take for a spin around the lake. They had a blast and really turned heads. Mike asked what about no money down, 10K for 5 years. Marco will think about it.

Can you picture this awesome car in Iowa?

Mike was, however, able to purchase a small car he was willing to remove from the roof. Thought at first to be a pedal car, there were no pedals, wood wheels, missing some pieces, but Mike scored for $250. Meanwhile, Frank bought a Marx toy whoopie car for $100.

Mike bought a very interesting Astro figure reported to be a movie prop (though the name of the movie was never stated) dating back to the 1960s. For $400, Astro wore a nicely tailored leather suit and came equipped with his own little camera.

Later, Mike and Frank visited "Low Ball" Lou, who had a '48 Town & Country convertible for $65,000 in as-is condition or $200,000 restored. A pass from Frank and Mike and they move on to finding something for under $20K.
A 1931 BL Harley also ended in a no sale, as did a Triumph for $3K. Mike did purchase a hard to find '32 Ford grille for $700. Frank likewise did some nice negotiating -- with the help of a gentle nudge from Lou's wife Wendy -- and took home a Dodge A100. Mike could not fit into the low-roof car, but Frank had no problem and bought the "hot short chick" magnet for $11,000.

At the conclusion of the episode, Mike and Frank unloaded a BMW Isetta, a 4.5 and 7.5 long car best known today as Steve Urkel's car in the sitcom Family Matters, back in Iowa. To the great amusement of their business partner, Danielle, the car fit in the back of their van. A Plymouth Road Runner also purchased in an earlier episode was reportedly on its way from California to Iowa. These, along with their earlier purchases in the episode, renew Mike's stance that California is definitely car country.

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