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American Phillip Wood among those on Malaysia Flight 370 presumed lost

Happy times for Phllip and Sarah before the news of Malaysia Flight 370 reported missing.
Happy times for Phllip and Sarah before the news of Malaysia Flight 370 reported missing.

Breaking news today:

CNN has just reported that the lives of those on Malaysia Flight 370 are presumed lost.

All 239 people on board the missing Malaysia flight will be mourned by family and loved ones – first for their loss and then seeking the answer to the reason, “why?”

While there were two small children listed as being American, the only adult American aboard the ill fated Malaysian Flight 370 was Phillip Wood from Texas.

Wood’s girlfriend, Sarah Bajc finally heard the “painful" news that she did not wish to hear. She had previously given a video interview with ABC sharing her fears.

Just hours ago it was announced that the missing plane had indeed not taken the northern route as had been suggested but a more southerly route; and it is suspected to have gone down in the Indian ocean.

However, there has been no news as to what actually happened to the plane. It was first reported as missing, now reported as having crashed.

CBS News reported on the list of passengers. Now grieving loved ones have been notified that all hope of finding them alive somewhere is hopeless.

While the news has been saturated with 24/7 reporting; now is the time to reflect on those who are left behind and how this tragic news of today will affect their lives forever.

Below, follow the CBS report regarding the limited profile of these passengers.

Nationalities on board: Of the flight's 227 passengers, 152 are from China, 38 are from Malaysia and the rest are from countries across the globe, including India, Australia, France, Indonesia, Ukraine, New Zealand and the United States. All 12 crew members are Malaysian.

The pilot: Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and had more than 18,000 hours of flying experience. Known as an avid aviation enthusiast, Zaharie had set up an elaborate flight simulator in his home, which has been confiscated by Malaysian authorities.

The co-pilot: Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, joined Malaysia Airlines in 2007 and with just 2,763 hours of flight experience, he had only recently started co-piloting the sophisticated Boeing 777. The son of a high-ranking civil servant in Selangor state, Fariq was described as a "good boy, a good Muslim, humble and quiet" by Ahmad Sarafi Ali Asrah, the head of his community mosque.

Aviation engineer on board: Malaysian police are investigating Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat, 29, a Malaysian flight engineer among the passengers, as they focus on anyone on board who had technical flying knowledge.

Passengers with stolen passports:

The other passengers: The passengers included artists, business people, worshipers and vacationers. Five passengers were children under 5 years old, including a two-year-old, the youngest passenger. The oldest passenger was 76.

Americans on board:

There were three Americans, including Philip Wood, 50, a technical storage executive at IBM Malaysia who was planning to move from Beijing to Malaysia with his girlfriend, Sarah Bajc. The two other Americans have been identified as Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2. It's not known with whom they were traveling.

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