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American parents didn't ship their children off while fixing America

Boxcar children
Boxcar children

Before President Barack Obama became King Obama intent upon teaching America a lesson for past perceived sins, eschewed the Rule of Law and Separation of Powers that protects our Liberty-enabled happiness pursuits, prohibited Americans from bailing themselves out via creating, much less filling, good paying job positions, and fomented a crisis at the border; we favored non-voting rights amnesty for non-criminal long-term residents.

But given the above, even George Bush's bleeding-heart refusal to secure the border, and Obama;'s epic irresponsibility, we again insist upon a long, high double fence before we will entertain any amnesty. Then comes Facebook friends' diatribes about the poor children from murder capitals south of Mexico, fictitious jobs American won't do, and that a third of the U.S. used to be Mexico's. Our gentle responses:

Here's hoping China doesn't become the murder capital of the world and send all their kids here on slow boats.If every potential refugee on Earth moves to America, we won't be an America people will want to come to and we will be too broke to help the poor here much less those abroad.But we can't just let anyone that wants to enter the country for reasons of jobs, disease, and burdens on communities. And Frank Hunter I see that you have bought into the idea that past American sins means that me, you and our children have no right to secure our nation?

Yes, we need a balance, but when presidents Bush and Obama won't secure the border without a fence and Obama lets illegal criminals out of jail on bond we can't strike a balance without at least a fence. And yes, we have had de facto amnesty for 20 years and I don't favor treating long-term residents as criminals but we still MUST control who comes in, when and how many. Epidemic diseases get started this way. And since Dems know that they get many welfare dependent voters this way and since there ought to be some price for not doing it legally, they shouldn't vote ever or for at least 20 years. Acknowledging past sins doesn't require shooting ourselves in the foot, especially those that didn't harm a soul.

And when do other nations that don't allow any immigration get held to their sins? And what about us getting credit for freeing half the world from Communism, allowing free trade with our Navy and creating an economy that feeds the world and allows our kids to be obese?

No one wants to deport every illegal immigrant but could we please just pause in letting anyone that can take a box car to El Paso in for a time? And yes, if all were raptured out it would temporarily slow, but not collapse, the economy but the economy has been a disaster for the past seven years due to ObamaDem regulations especially Obamacare and enviro regs.

To say that Spain or Mexico ever really governed much of what became Texas and California is to exaggerate in the absurd. They were so sparky populated that Mexico solicited Anglos settlers who quickly outnumbered the natives in lands known more for roving bands of non-farming land pirates called Comanche et al. When Santa Ana took power, his rule was so oppressive that large numbers of Spanish-speakers wanted out as well. We see what Mexico and points south have become by how many want out. They need to muster the wisdom and courage to fix their own countries with our help because everyone that speaks Spanish in this hemisphere can't have the right to move to America and America remain America.

The parents of the kids on boxcars need to muster the courage of our forefathers to fight and fix their own nation.

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

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