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American occupation of Haiti..... again

Coat of Arms Haiti
Coat of Arms Haiti

For most Americans our involvement in Haiti is only recalled during the brief intervention during President Bill Clinton’s term to pressure Haiti into accepting Aristide to return to power. The very same Jean Bertrand Aristide suspected of embezzling Haiti’s international phone proceeds from AT&T Latin America Company.

The truth be told, American involvement started back in 1910 with the National City Bank of New York essentially buying out the Banque National d'Haïti, Haiti’s only commercial bank and also served as the government treasury. For the next few decades Haiti came under the direct control of the US as aided by the Marine contingent sent to occupy Haiti by President Woodrow Wilson.

One by one, what can loosely be called administrations rose and fell over the next century in Haiti; from brutal dictators to outright thieves to unabashed murderers. The question on this writer’s mind is, “What has changed?” The unfortunate answer is nothing.

Haiti as a nation has only been “stable” since the 2004 rebellion against Aristide, the man Clinton committed US troops to reinstall. The US government intervention in Haiti has led to nothing but pain and misery for the average Haitian. That arrogance I fear is once again frothing up from the ultra left in the upcoming nation building currently underway by President Obama.

I by no means am saying we should not commit food, water or other goods to the poorest of Haiti, but as always, the United States will apply our ideals and principles to a nation of people whose history we could not possibly understand. The Haitians have endured nothing but violence and crooked government. Given the track record of this administration and their Chicago-land Politics; I think the people of Haiti would be better off without our interference.

Let’s leave the present at the door, and humbly walk away.



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