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American Music Awards - still a family show?

Music award shows have previously been a time for families to sit down and watch their favorite entertainers perform and win awards. They have been the way a lot of parents get a little closer with their children by seeing what type of music and taste they like. However, critics, parents, and even fans are wondering if award shows should still be considered a family show.

Last night’s American Music Awards proved to be racy and the talk of internet buzz this morning. Parents are curious of what their children see during these shows; though they are edited there is a great deal of riskiness still performed.

The main controversial performance during last night’s show? Adam Lambert. He performed a sexy rendition of “For Your Entertainment.” and stated if ABC cut it, it would be none other than discrimination. However, the question most heard is, is it discrimination to keep an award show rated PG? Although the guy-on-guy kiss has lit up the comment boards, the main concern seems to be about showing S&M dressed dancers being pulled across the stage by harnesses, dancers heads being shoved in places not suitable for television, and caressing the dancers in the most provocative ways.

These type of risqué performances aren’t new to award shows by any means and it is often a way for artists to push the boundaries as much as possible. Britney Spears and Madonna stole headlines for their lip-lock at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, which was also where Madonna turned heads for dancing on the floor during her rendition of “Like a Virgin.”

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Are the music award shows still family oriented or did last night’s show go to the extreme?


  • Crystal 4 years ago

    Too extreme! Maybe they tried to take it down a notch by showing him at the end, but with a holiday week coming my children were awake for the entire show. It wasn't just Adam though, it was Lady Gaga and even Carrie Underwood! I couldn't believe that her dancers were all in sexy lingerie!!!