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American Music Awards...Good till the end


Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards


8 MINUTES OF JANET!!! What a way to start an award show!!!

She sung excuse me sang lol some of her greatest hits and I thought that was the performance of the night...was I soooooo wrong.

The Black Eyed Peas won the first award of the night and I was so happy for them. Rascal Flatts was the second winners and the just dominate the Country Group,or Duo Award.Daughtry performs next and I must say those American Idols finalist are hot!! I was confused by Shakira's performance... then Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family" got the whole audience laughing with her intro for Keith Urban. She called him a "Papicito muy rico!" I loved Kelly Clarkson's performance of "Halo" oops I mean "Already Gone" LOL. Then Snoop Dogg make a joke about getting high that Aerosmith's Joe Perry was not feeling. I gotta say congrats to Taylor Swift who was up at 1 in the morning accepting her 5 AMA's. You go girl!!! A-Rod introduces Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. I'm not from New York but I was for the second they were on LOL.

I always wondered why there are only 3 nominees in each category...Black Eyes Peas performed and I love 'Boom Boom Pow" then in one of the special moments of the night Michael Jackson wins his 22nd AMA! "This Is It" star Orianthi hands award to Jermaine Jackson. Keith Urban finally wins a AMA. Thank goodness Beyonce won. I'd hate it if Kanye jumped up and dissed Keri or Keyshia (although they are both great too!). LOL That was the joke all night...Rhi Rhi aka Rhianna is BACK!!! I thought Carrie Underwood performance of "Cowboy Casanova" was different and hot!! Lady Gaga was weird as usual...She is performing on a burning piano! And she's breaking glass bottles on it! That must hurt to play on after. LOL Then the queen of R&B Mary J. Blige sang "I Am" the voice of an angel...When Gloriana won the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist award over Gaga,Kid Cudi and Keri Hilson everyone is looking around like, "huh?!" and 'Who are there?". J. Lo is my girl acting wise but singing has been iffy (I admit I like the new song) and that fall...priceless

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!!! I love u girl and so glad you are back!!! But what was up with the baby bump ummm... Love Alicia Keys and I tried "Sleeping With A Broken Heart" and it's not fun but her performance was LOL. Eminem and 50 Cent are letting us all have it on "Crack a Bottle." I think Timbaland's trying to take advantage of the whole vampire thing. It's awkward. And who is So Ho So No? Not even Nelly Furtado can save this hot mess of a performance. Green Day was good...
Then they saved the final performance spot of the night for Adam Lambert. That's unheard of... for an "Idol" runner-up! Totally his coming out party. They said we would be talking about this performance the next day and we did...OMG I already knew he was going to be outrageous but this is crazy. I just had cover my kids eyes when began his performance! Wow!. WT??? Crotch-sniffing ..., male slaves, and open mouth same-sex kissing. You either love it or hate it. A new rock star has been christened tonight! OMG. I might need therapy after that.LOL And Glambert makes no apologies!!!
So in a nutshell the show was So So... Oh No... OMG!!!
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