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American media's limited bandwidth for news

American media's limited bandwidth for news describes the meaning of a headline by The Hill titled: "Bowe Bergdahl's release bumps VA scandal from political spotlight."

Bowe Bergdahl freed and now an AWOL suspect
AFP/Getty Images

Can they walk, talk, and chew at the same time? Reading a story by The Hill this evening, it says that the Bowe Bergdahl story has pushed the Shinseki VA story out of the headlines. That implies that the media is done with Shinseki and the VA for now, and American viewers must now cram their brains with Bergdahl. But, I thought we weren’t done with Snowden yet.

Maybe part of the problem is that President Obama gives too much press to everything that he does. He isn’t selective. For instance, did he have to drag Bergdahl’s family before the cameras to make the announcement that the POW was returned in exchange for the release of 5 terrorists whom we chose to not classify as POWs because they were not fighting for a nation state?

The Shinseki snafu was real news because it affects millions of Veterans. The Bergdahl story is real news because of the potential effect on American soldiers who are subject to kidnapping by terrorists.

The Hill reports that Hagel says we don’t negotiate with terrorists, but we just did.

“We didn’t negotiate with terrorists,” Hagel said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Sgt. Bergdahl is a prisoner of war, that’s a normal process in getting your prisoners back... We don’t let anyone out of Guantanamo, and I will not sign off on any detainee coming out of Guantanamo unless I am assured…that we can efficiently mitigate any risk to American security."
Rice said on CNN's "State of the Union" that Defense Department officials consulted with the Department of Justice officials prior to the transfers.

"Given the acute urgency of the health condition of Sgt. Bergdahl and given the president's constitutional responsibilities, it was determined that it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30-day notification requirements because it would have potentially meant that the opportunity to get Sgt. Bergdahl would have been lost," Rice said on CNN.”

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Now, before we have Bowe Bergdahl evaluated, let's have a 90 day review of the military healthcare system. (See the video)

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