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'American Idol:' The final 2 are announced

Keith Urban judge on American Idol
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s episode of “American Idol” suspense was at it’s highest and the anticipation of the results lingered in everyone’s mind as the preamble to the announcement of the final 2; played out. And it was all about the final 3 performers’ return to their respective hometowns.

The tears, the friends, the family and all those who turned out to welcome their new hometown celebrities. But the question lingered who were going to be the final 2, the anticipation and suspicion was there, but then, there have been many disappointments in this type of contests and when America has the final say, no one can be certain of what the end result will be when millions upon millions of individuals have a vote….

Then it was time for the names to be announced, lights were dimmed and the first name to no one’s surprise was Jena Irene and suspense was at an all time high, breaths were held and the idol to move on to the final…Caleb Johnson and the audience roared along with viewers with pleasure and delight. Yes, yes, yes, the finale will be the best yet and one of these young performer’s life is about to change completely and taken to levels that the layman can only imagine. They both seem well-grounded individuals who hopefully won’t fall to the unsavory and inappropriate behavior that such fame entices those who join the ranks of celebrity status.

The finale next week promise to be out of this world with the idols rocking it out with seasoned performers that have been assigned to them, Jena will sing with Paramore, Alex with Jason Mraz, and Caleb will sing none other than Kiss, and that performance will be for the ages.

“American Idol” will run next week on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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