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American Idol summer tour dates canceled as Adam Lambert tour sells out

The 10 finalists of the 2010 Idols summer tour
The 10 finalists of the 2010 Idols summer tour
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  • Lisa 5 years ago

    Lets face it this year was boring to the max. No one and I mean no one can compare to Adam. The only reason I went to last year's tour was for Adam. This year he has his own tour and he is killing it. And you ask why no wants to go the Idol's tour.

  • elw 5 years ago

    I agree, Adam was the reason last season's tour did so well. He may have ruined Idol forever, nothing can top Adam.

  • Britte 5 years ago

    Well, he's playing in smaller venues and fans are rabid to get tickets, so there is some excitement generated there, but I see him on TV and video and he gets me rocking even second hand. I hear that to see him live is a whole other experience because of his ability to connect with an audience and his INSANE talent.

  • Jktj 5 years ago

    Hear that Majal1, Adam stole the show! Everyone knows it. hahahahaha

  • Argo 5 years ago

    Couldn't agree you more..yeah Adam sets the bar too high, so high that it makes this year's bunch looks completely amateurish. Not to say that they don't have the talent, but it's just that they don't have the 'it' factor that keeps the people wanting more.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    I think that having the David's and then Kris and Adam the last two years spoiled us, but it's not like AI hasn't always had it's ups and downs. Don't forget Reuben Studdard... Wait, who? Exactly. It may pick up, or it may not. Either way, it was a good run.

  • Sandy D. 5 years ago

    I went to the AI tour last season because of Adam Lambert. Thank gosh, he has his own tour this year (yup, I went to 2 cities to see him)... Bottom line, I don't even care about this year's AI tour...

  • kevin 5 years ago

    adam has got the whole package. his vocals are awesome. cant wait 4 his 2nd cd 2 come out.

  • Far far away!!!! 5 years ago

    I travelling miles and miles to see Adam in NYC last month!!!! I will spend any amount of $$$ just to see him sing again but I am broke right now!!! He's insanely talented!!!

  • Colleen 5 years ago

    Thank you for writing this and giving Adam the credit he deserves!! Adam is (already) a SUPER we knew he would be. Tonight he played the Ryman in Nashville...Gr Ol Opry, same stage as Elvis, Johnny Cash...and he BLEW EVERYONE AWAY...even people who didnt necessarily care for him. This night will go down in history as will Adam....he is IT ...always knew it too.

  • Kate 5 years ago

    One reason Adam is selling so well is just because he is the best vocalist to come around in nearly a decade! He is extremely talented and an amazing performer! Seeing him 5 times this summer. Most of his fans are going to multiple shows, because he is just that awesome!

  • HEP. 5 years ago


  • Melinda 5 years ago

    Why do "Examiner" articles almost never have quotes from sources? Yours has none. In journalism school, we weren't allowed to write an article without at least one quote .... so what kind of journalism is this?

    (... fair note that I'm here because I read everything about Adam Lambert and am fustrated by all the Examiner articles coming to the top of Google search but with no sources.)

  • kiwijane 5 years ago

    I am coming from New Zealand to see Adam Lambert in concert as he is such a star - no one else is going to live up to that!
    Idol is so over BECAUSE he didn't win - it makes it a complete fraud when the real star loses.

  • dino 5 years ago

    why? because overweight middle-aged women love garbage food.

  • Will 5 years ago

    LOL... Dino.... can you read?? Adams fans are from 8 to 80... so sad you are so dumb, and snarky and mean. Have a nice life.
    Adam Lambert Rocks..... He is famous, gorgeous, so talented and a genuine nice person... .take lesson Dino

  • MaryAnn 5 years ago

    I like a lot of artists, multiple genres, but Adam Lambert has rocked my world. I think someone who can sing like him only comes along once every several decades. The guy can s.i.n.g. Sssiiinnnnnnnnnngggg ! Multioctave, crystal clear vocals, any genre. He is just a spectacular singer. The guy is also so good-natured, personable, witty, articulate and intelligent, I really like him. He shares his love of other talents artists with everyone too.

  • Nancy 5 years ago

    I went to see the AI tour last year because of Adam Lambert. He is an amazing singer with an incredible voice. I love his voice and the person he is. He is the complete package, extremely talented, very down to earth, intelligent and kind. What's not to love. And I am not an overweight middle aged woman. I have seen him twice on tour so far and plan to see him again. It is pretty incredible to see men, women, kids, basically people of all ages at his shows. I found AI boring this year. I have to agree that Adam set the bar too high!

  • Dee12 5 years ago

    It's not the economy. Many of Adam's passionate followers must make financial sacrifices to attend his Glam Nation Tour concerts. Crystal Bowersox supporters will probably do the same for her solo tour, but people have a limited tolerance for being duped by a "reality" show where exceptional talent goes unrewarded.

  • Starry Night 5 years ago

    I never watched AI before last year, and I spottily watched it this year. Boring. I attended the AI tour in my area last year solely because of Adam. And I've attended many of his live pre-Glam Nation performances. And I will be attending 10 of his Glam Nation shows. I have never ever done this before for any other artist, and it's not just the singing, its his total charismatic, engaging package. He's the real deal that the world hasn't seen in a male singer in decades. Going to one of his concerts is like being let loose in a candy store, but knowing there will be only sweetness, no cavities.

  • tmd 5 years ago

    WHY? Because ADAM is a STAR!! He carried last year's tour & I'd be willing to bet that if ADAM was on this year's AI tour they'd be SOLD OUT again!! You have to have someone to DRAW in the people. Who has that DRAWING power this year? Certainly NOT the 'winner' ... just like last year. Sorry ... but the TRUTH is the TRUTH!!

  • Linda 5 years ago

    First of all I disagree that Crystal should have won, BORING. Casey James is whipping up a name for himself on the tour this summer.

    Adam Lambert is a one of a kind male showman and his vocals are outstanding live. No other male performer can touch him vocally. That is why he is selling out clubs and small theatres.

  • tawney827 5 years ago

    I do think Adam set standards very high with his unique talent and vocal style. He has something very special and has a huge fan base. I think if the larger Arenas were to book the GlamNation Tour, they would sell out. I guess they were being "Safe" in booking the Casino's and bars, ect.
    I am sorry the Idol's Live Tour is canceling dates. I am looking forward to seeing Lee & Crystal perform. Everyone deserves a chance to shine!!

  • JANE 5 years ago


  • Tagrid 5 years ago

    AI & LiveNation Mistake #1 - Booking such huge venues when they couldn't even sell out many of them LAST YEAR - when Adam was on the AI Tour.

    Mistake #2 - Season 9 only brought us 2 good things - Casey and Siobhan. I wouldn't walk across the street to see any of the others. Hope I can catch Siobhan sometime other than on this tour!

  • kw 5 years ago

    Families are going to American Idol concerts which is why it's being hit harder by the recession. I paid $264 for 4 tickets. You are not going to see families at an Adam Lambert concert. His fans will be buying single tickets and going with friends.

  • Ellie 5 years ago

    " Public protest against the insane loss of Crystal Bowersox to Lee DeWyze? "

    Oh please. If that were anywhere remotely the case, there would have hardly been a soul at last year's shows, such was the incredulity of Adam Lambert's loss to Kris Allen.

    The reason is plain and simple. Even the better contestants this season would have struggled to make it to the top 12 in previous years.

  • Lucie 5 years ago

    KW - Speak for yourself. There were people of all ages at the show I went to, many of them in groups of 3, 4 or more so I dare say they were related.

  • idelia 5 years ago

    why? cos Adam should have won American Idol. It was a big disappointment when he didnt. A lot of people lost faith in the Show. The last series was particularly boring. Nobody there could touch Adam in talent, charisma and show presence. they were a nice group of kids, But it takes more than that. And Adam Lambert is an insanely talented, beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, wise, generous soul,, who can and make us smile and or cry all at the same time. I adore him Cant wait for the European leg of the tour to buy multiple tickets

  • wtdp 5 years ago

    Wow, you lifted this "article" word for word from

  • Lily 5 years ago

    Adam's concert tickets sell so well because partly of the scalpers who are betting on the buzz of a newcomer...
    Am sure that when Adam will have a 2nd headlining concerttour... the scalpers will not really jump on Adam's train anymore and then we can really see whether Adam's concert is doing ok or not...

  • If I Had You 5 years ago

    Adam's concerts are selling well because he is hot, has real talent, and is one of the best artists in the world right now.

  • MaryL 5 years ago

    I watched AI last season ONLY because of Adam Lambert and I went to three of the AI concerts to see him. I didn't even know that the top 10 AI contestants even did concerts before last year. I've seen Adam at two of his Glam Nation shows and have tickets for two more this summer. Adam's venues would sell out without the scalpers. There's no one like him. One show isn't enough. His fans will go to as many concerts as possible since each one is a unique experience.

  • TAMMY 5 years ago

    i would not pay to see adam he cant even sing you people need your hearing cheacked

  • idolcritic 5 years ago

    Adam is one of a kind - his voice is incredible, he exudes sex appeal, and he is a great showman. He is everything wrapped up in one fantastic package and there is no stopping him. For those who are bothered by that, get a life and focus on someone you like. I am sure none of us will have a problem with that and, quite frankly, your idiotic comments are getting quite old. Let's face it, Adam Lambert is pure magic - get used to it.

  • LOVEFORADAM 5 years ago

    Adam concerts are SOLD OUT!!! Love him!

  • Cameraman 5 years ago

    I would pay big bucks to see Crystal do a complete show but the rest of the Idolettes were boring, boring, boring. No wonder no one wants to pay to see all of them together. Wait to see how Crystal does when she's on her own; she'll give Adam a run for his money.

  • Marly 5 years ago

    Watching the show and voting is free, buying cds and tickets cost actual money. Seeing who sells and who does not tells us, who audiences truly value.

    If it were the economy, then Adam Lambert's tour would not be selling out while AI tour dates are dropping like flies, especially since in some markets, the AI tour ticket price was dropped to $10. If a tour is only $10 and still can't sell, then the issue is not the price or the economy, it's lack of interest. Similarly, last year I paid full price for the AI tour essentially just for Adam's 20 minute set (and to a lesser extent, for Allison's 10 minute set). So that 20 minutes was worth $60. This year, you couldn't pay ME to attend an AI concert; frankly I'd rather to scrubbing my tub than listen to that boring class of guys and girls with guitars. While I understand some people like that genre, I do not BUT if I did want to hear it, I'll go to a coffeehouse and for the price of a cup, listen all night long. Why pay more?

  • Marly 5 years ago

    Lily: Scalpers are responsible for Adam's tour selling so well? Pishposh. If the scalpers were unable to sell the tix, then seats would be empty and that is not the case. The tour is for all intents and purposes, sold out and the seats have butts in them -- that is a success. Take your wishful thinking that Adam will fail and use your energy to support your favorites rather than being so negative and wasting time cutting others down.

  • Ummm 5 years ago

    Implying that Adam is somehow selling better than the AI tour is a little misleading. Yes, Adam is selling out - but he's playing mostly very small venues of <2000 seats. AI would sell those out too, if they booked them. And if Adam was booked at 10,000+ seat venues, there's no indication he would fare better than AI. It's really not a fair comparison; if you counted individual tickets sold, AI would still come out far, far ahead of Mr. Lambert.

  • Donna 5 years ago

    I am a huge Adam fan, follow all of his performances while on the Glamnation tour thru the Internet, listen to his CD ecery chance I get and focus on every Adam related news story. I'm 55 yet never ever have I ever been this addicted to any performer throughout my life, like I am addicted to Adam. I knew from the first day I saw him on AI, he had something really special and even tho he didn't win the title of AI, I knew that he would become an International sensation. Go Adam! I will continue to be a big fan of his for as long as he continues to perform and put out awesome music and the kind of entertainment he puts out. No one else like him in my book.

  • grmma karen 5 years ago

    You ask Why???? Why he is selling out his concert tickets??
    His Talent, His Showmanship, His Vocals, His personality, His Persona, and the decent way he took the fall from winning Idol as we all know he should have one!!!Paula was Right on, He will Be ICONIC!!!!! and yes he his!!! ADAM ROCKS and Im going to see him 3 times on this tour!!!!!Wearing Sequins and all!!!!!!!

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