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'American Idol': Season 14 will see even bigger changes if renewed

Fox looks at a condensed season 14 of American Idol.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"American Idol" is definitely not the same ratings giant that it used to be. Thirteen seasons have passed, and the ratings have declined each season. This season hoped to bring ratings back up with the return of Jennifer Lopez and the addition of Harry Connick Jr. to the mix of judges. On March 23, MJ's Big Blog reported that the series might be ready for season 14 though. Fox is looking at bringing the reality competition back for at least one more season.

A new season would mean even more changes though. If Fox decides to bring the series back, fans would see one less month and one less night of airtime during the week. The series would be condensed greatly. The series has been one two nights a week since the beginning, and some weeks have also seen three episodes. "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" both scaled back their shows to one night a week with mixed results.

This season has definitely had its share of problems too. The changes made to the format caused problems for the final contestants. Jennifer Lopez even spoke about those problems too. She said the following about the problems the contestants have been dealing with in a recent interview, according to MJ's Big Blog:

I feel that they’re all super-talented kids. I also feel that they were thrown to the sharks too early. We went from Hollywood Week right to the main stage, and before we used to have those middle rounds in Vegas and all that and it gave them time to adjust. So I feel like they’re really not coming into their own yet.

A decrease of another month of the competition might push contestants to the main stage even sooner. This could cause even more problems for them. What do you think? Are you ready to see the end of this series? Or should Fox make even more changes and bring it back for one more season?

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