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'American Idol' premiere promises many changes in upcoming season

Tonight marks the premiere of American Idol and things have definitely changed.
Tonight marks the premiere of American Idol and things have definitely changed.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"American Idol" premieres its thirteenth season on Fox tonight and it will definitely look a bit different. On Jan. 15, Reality TV World reported on the premiere of the hit singing reality show and the changes that fans can expect.

Many already know that this season marks the first time that none of the original judges will be present. Instead, viewers can watch Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban sitting behind the judges' table. Noticeably absent will be long-time veteran of the show, Randy Jackson.

Jackson is not entirely out of "American Idol" though. According to reports, he will be holding 2-day "boot camp" style workshops for contestants. This may be a good spot for Randy, who certainly doesn't want to walk away from the show but really wasn't making an impact as a judge anymore.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are not coming back. This might be the best move producers have made. The two spent most of last season fighting with each other. While it made for good drama, it definitely got in the way of great talent on-stage. It has been said that the new judges have much better chemistry and all the arguing is going to just disappear.

USA TODAY reported that the format of the show will see changes too. There will be no more dramatic back stories. Oftentimes, the reason a person was on the show overshadowed whether they really had the talent to be there. Producers say this year, the sad back story is gone. "American Idol" will be straight talent and competition. Let's hope that really holds true.