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American Idol premiere brings in low ratings despite great show

American Idol premiered Wednesday to dismal numbers.
American Idol premiered Wednesday to dismal numbers.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The thirteenth season of American Idol kicked off Wednesday night and despite major revamping, it saw the worst viewing numbers to date. On Jan. 16, Enertainment Weekly reports that 15 million people tuned in for the premiere, down 23 percent from last year.

If you are an American Idol fan, it's time to tune in though because last night's show was actually pretty good. Long gone were the sob stories and the mocking of horrible singers. The first night of the new season was actually filled with talent. Most of the singers showcased in the premiere went on to Hollywood.

Harry Connick Jr. received great praise from critics prior to the airing and it is understandable now that he earned it. Connick is very musically gifted, as we all know. He is also really, really funny. Let Connick be a breath of fresh air into a show that was very quickly becoming stale.

It is obvious that Connick is the most musically trained of the judges. His attempts to educate contestants often went over their heads. At one point, a lesson on pentatonics went over Jennifer Lopez' head too. At least he has a dimension to add to the show other than celebrity status.

One issue that might come up is that the judges may have gone soft. They were incredibly nice to each and even to the contestants. It's pretty obvious that they don't like to tell people no and there were a few singers who made it through the round who probably shouldn't have. In any case, they'll have to be eliminated at some point.

The age of contestants was very telling. Many glowed and gushed at the site of Jennifer Lopez. That many more either didn't know who Harry Connick Jr. was or even worse, a few mentioned their parents being fans. He's not that old and he is an incredible musician. Maybe they should check him out. Keith Urban was there and vocal but certainly was out-shined by Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.

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